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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by rockcopper, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. rockcopper

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    New at this and just getting started. What is the best planter size for my indoor soil garden?
  2. justaseed

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    i start in 16oz keg cups to 5 1/2inch square pots to 1 gallon grow bags to 3 gal grow bags finally i finish in 5 gal grow bags or buckets. if i use 5 gal buckets i drill 1/4 holes all the way up the sides as well as in the bottom of the bucket to increase drainage and soil aeration.
  3. Garden Knowm

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    Why all the transplanting?..

    I want to rip you a new one.. but I have really liked all the advice you have been giving...


    start in 3-gallon and finish in 3 gallon..
    If you are using CFL's you can start and finish in 1 gallon..

  4. justaseed

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    the more you transplant the better yeild you get!!! the roots naturally go out to the edges and down to the bottom leaving the middle mostly unused. the more you transplant the better root ball you get. with all that transplanting i get 14oz from my 400hps and will soon be getting a lb if all goes as planned, what do you get? i'm very suprised you don't transplant.

    yes, you can start and finish in a 1gal pot but you won't get the same yeild as if you transplanted along the way

    see my diagram for a better explanation of what transplanting does. i hope you can read my handwiting and understand my drawings

    also, i don't think it's a good idea to tell newbies to start in large containers and not transplant. watering a seedling in a 1 or 3 gallon containe could be very tricky for a first time grower. as well as getting a decreased yeild because of underdeveloped root systems.

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    hmm i guess that makes sence.
  6. Garden Knowm

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    SOME details

    Perlite organic soil mix.. (additional 1/2 inch perlite at the bottom of each pot)
    Fert with MG (feed plants with Miracle Grow)
    Under 1000 watt HPS bulb using
    1 gallon containers
    FLowering at 10-14 inches tall...
    Each plant harvests 2-3 ounces
    No topping
    Main cola is almost always 1 ounce...
    Usually harvest about 2 pounds per 1000watts..
    PH 7.0

    The main goal is to get 2 ounces per plant.... 16 plants per 1000watt bulb..


    If transplanting works for you and you want to put in the effort....
    And I think what you are saying may have some validity...
    You have the experience... love

    As far as watering being tricky with 1-3 gallon pots... please explain...
    It is water, let dry.. water , let dry, water, let dry... water about once a week...

  7. scobbie

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    seriously you use mg garden ,we do a lot similar but i dont use the mg anymore as was always getting rusty buds but its very intresting that you get results with mg, sucsess seems to vary with mg im one of the ones that has no luck at all with it.
    i use john inness stage 2 soil and add 1 inch of perolite on bottom with 2 gallon pots i flower with 1000 watt first time this grow feeding during veg , i give nothing but baby bio added in every water and i flower at 12 inches during flowering i use phostregen added to every water up until last 3 weeks then nothing for a week and then one more dose and then fush on last week and i get 2 oz per plant and my clones go strait into 2 gallon pot but hoping for better with 1000 watt , i would be intrersted knowing how you use the mg and good results mate , tell us more
  8. justaseed

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    i was just thinking it would take much longer for a 3gal pot with a seedling in it to dry than justa 16oz cup. this would make it more tempting to the new grower to water too often..

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