Planting Organic Hemp Seeds from the Health Foods Store?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by TheHonorary, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Yup. I tried it. If you wanna skip directly to that part, go to the second paragraph. But first, let me start where it started.

    I moved to Northern Ireland almost two months ago from the Chicago suburbs. Pot was plentiful in the 'burbs and I never had to worry about getting whatever I wanted, and cheap too. Well, that all changed when I moved to Northern Ireland. I moved here to go to school, but I'm not starting that until at least late January, so until then, I know nobody. Since I came here, I have not smoked or even seen weed once. I thought I smelled it once walking down the street, but that could have very well been my imagination. I read in some forums that things are running really dry here and I keep reading about huge busts happening in the area, and I know that is not helping my case. So, not only do I not know anyone here, it looks like even if I did, getting weed may be harder than than you might think. All of this made me decide I'm gonna grow my own, but since I just moved and was really low on cash, I thought it'd be a better idea to wait until I got a job and raised some funds.

    Meanwhile, exploring the city, I stumbled upon a local health foods store and picked up some Biona Organic Hemp Seed. I did this with the intention of eating them, as you may know hemp seeds are pretty much the healthiest food you can find, but as my realization that I'm gonna end up having to grow my own weed set it, I decided to run a little experiment. Although I was 90% sure that all hemp seeds sold for consumption are sterilized and therefore cannot be grown, I could not resist taking 10 minutes out of my, let's face it, mind-numbingly boring day, to put a few seeds into a pot of dirt and seeing what happens. Two days later, to my astonishment, I had about eight seedlings popping their heads out of the ground! Now, about a month later, I have fifteen of them, at about three inches tall, sitting on my window sill. This is with no lights, backyard dirt, no nutrition, and in a climate where there is about 7 hours of daylight and it rains about 3 out of 5 days.

    Now, I know they're not going to go much further than where they are right now with these terrible conditions, but I am just curious what kind of plant do you think would develop? On the packaging it says "Biona Organic Hemp Seed (lat. Cannabis sativa)." If I was to actually use these in a fully equipped grow, what could I expect to end up with? I guess what I am asking is, what percentage of Hemp actually contain any significant amounts of THC? Or does Hemp, by definition, not produce any THC. As far as my actual grow goes, I plan to use seeds from the local headshop, and in so doing, avoiding having to buy online and announcing my address as a seed buying location. ;)

    So, anyone have any ideas? Did anyone actually ever try this?
    I'm just curious what ya'll have to say about this.


    I'm attaching a picture, just so you get an idea.

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  2. Storm Crow

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    Fiber hemp....or oil seed hemp.....

    Very little THC, but a possibility of CBD, which will not get you high, but will mellow you out and ease pain. (click the link in my sig and scroll down to "Cannabidiol" for more info) The plants should be tall and hardy.

    Let us know the results. :)

    Granny :hippy:
  3. TheHonorary

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    Really? Well that's better than I expected. I like mellow :)
    I will probably include a seed or two of these to my next, and first, grow, just for kicks.
  4. michaelpeg

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    you should make a grow log of the hemp, i would like to see how good it looks in flowering
  5. theforthdrive

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    Cool story! Nice attempt but I doubt you would get any nice THC full buds. I wold think a trip over to the dam could help you! :jointsmile:
  6. TheHonorary

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    Yea, you are probably right :(

    ...but wouldn't it be cool if the company that sells these seeds is a bunch of old stoner hippies and they put really good seeds in there as a way of sticking it to the man?
    It's just fun to think about during these hard times.

    Oh man, you have no idea how many times that's crossed my mind. It is good to know that if I really, realllyyyy need it, I can get it there... and legally too! :woohoo:
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  7. michaelpeg

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    even still, i would like to see a grow log of the hemp.
  8. TheHonorary

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    Will do michaelpeg. I will throw a seed or two of the hemp into my grow and do a log.
    Thanks for your interest.
  9. LolaGal

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    They have to use the term Hemp on the package, more of a generic term I think. I will look forward to seeing wha t comes out of it

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