Plant's Fan Leaves Brown, Brittle, and Are Curling

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by JSlush, Nov 1, 2011.

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    77 views and no reply :/
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    Looks to be a case of necrosis. Which can be caused from over or under watering. In your case. I would say it's overwatering and causing nute burn. It's really hard to not to over water with rockwool. It has such retaining properties. The nutes are just sucked into the cube and held if the plant is not established enough to uptake the water. Change your res water to plain ph'd water and let it flush itself. Then change to a 1/2 strength solution.

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    thank you! but the roots are fully developing, their inside my resavoir. so idk. thanks for the help though

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    lets go through the list shall we. its like a crying baby it has wants and needs but doesnt know how to express itself without moods. you say roots are developing...thats good, are they white and healthy? your ph is a half point high. water temps, too high/low? are you feeding nutes? if so stop at once, replace with fresh ph balanced water(that being 5.5). foliar feed nutes after a couple of days. keep nutes simple until experienced. after your experienced youll decide to keep nutes simple. those leaves are going to die soon anyway keep an eye on new shoots. do you have enough oxygen pumping in? how close are your lights and at what wattage? whats your heat at? looks like they were your scource reputable? lets start with this and see where it goes:thumbsup:
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    they were from seeds :) and i cleaned it out and put new water pH'd right, i have an air stone pumping oxygen. nutes are pretty simple. one packet of micro and 1/2 packet of grow. resv. temp is heated at 78, i know thats high but i cant adjust it. most roots are white, but on one plant, the roots a darker color in one spot? lights about 4-5 inches away. they look fine now, but the second fan leaves are curling up from the edges. thanks for your help :) much appreciated.
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    hi there ,those leaves looks like they are only the two first leaves after the periole leaves,in which case they will shrink and die once the plant is established......
    else i would say overwatering

    good luck and i hope you get it sorted

    ps just saw your lights is 4-5 inshes away..... what sort of lights?? even a led light needs to be further away than that!!!!!!
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    yeah this person might be burning them trying to max light penetration. even with blurry pics you can see something isnt right.

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