plants need air?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by RedFury, Feb 21, 2007.

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    hey im a first time grower and was wondering if the plants need to have a fan on them or if i just have a constant source of C02 would that be good enough? I will pry have a fan but it won't be blowing in fresh air.. any info would be appreciated.:jointsmile:
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    A fan to just spread the air around is good. How is the warm air going to exit? If youre going to do just co2 you should probably measure the amount and work out how much is the correct amount for your room. Just co2 is very good, but thats advanced techniqes and demands higher temps, so you should probably study up on that technique.
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    Air movement is a must for any good quality grow. You must exchange the air from the underside of the leaf and the air movement will strengthen the stocks as well and more for a healther plant.

    So the correct answer is YES.
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    yea its like if you sat in your closet for 24 hours with the door closed, its going to get pretty damn stuffy in there
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    Yeah, I'm there right now with 5 plants flowering and a closet that seems to be shrinking...I need to get some exhaust in the room asap. At least I'm in there every night opening the door and working on the plants, like tonight i've gotta water so they'll get tons of fresh air, but I know that at some point there going to be hungry for fresh air.

    I have access to cold air from my crawlspace, it's pretty humid and cold, I wonder if I could use it for "fresh" air, especially in the summer when it is hot above ground?

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    Dont be afraid. Exhaust that puppy. Are you really using CO2, if so the exhaust could pull it out of the room unless you could coordinate the two so they work in unison. Nonetheless
    exausting a small room is relatively simple to do and affordable. Cutting dry wall and fixing it takes only a little time and effort. Maybe even exaust through a carbon can filter so that theres no smell. No Smell+ventilation=peace of mind. My buddy uses a cold or sometimes hot air intake and swears by it but gotta be able to cool or heat the room. Crawl space is probably better than nothing but would that mean making a hole in the floor. Hole in floor=harder to cut and fix
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