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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by phillykid, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. phillykid

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    i sprouted 15 random bag seeds, but some them are not even 6 inches apart. should i leave it like that for now or should i pluck the weakest looking ones out of the ground.
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    leave them for about 1 week and a half in to sprout then remove them and hope they dont go in to shock and die othere then that if you dont want to take that risk pull some out to make room if you leave them like that the root's will start getting to close and run out of are and surely die peace
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    That's how I usually plant. I do areas with like six seeds and then weed out the weakest of them down to two or so depending how far apart they are. But I also due this in multiple locations so I have many plants spread over a large area, If you need to trans plant because you need those perticular plants do it soon and transplant into really good soil to improve your chances of the transplant takeing.
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    You should seperate them as soon as you can, taking as big of a dirt ball as you can with them. The idea is not to mess up the roots.

    I grow in these $4 Walmart tubs that are 19 gallons. I'd just divy them up into 3 or 4 groups and let them grow. About half the plants will be males and the tubs can easily grow 3 plants (6 gallons of soil per plant+). Males tend to be taller with longer internode spaces. Keep a close eye on your taller plants. Cull the males as you spot them, unless you want seeds. Here's how to identify your males eariler and also have clones of your females.

    When I top my seedlings (6 to 9 inches, depending on the plant), I take about 2 to 3 inches of stem, snip off the leaves that are bigger than an inch and stick the tops under a 12/12 light in a foil covered jar of water. I use a pencil to poke holes in the foil covering the top and stick the cuttings through them. These will show sex before your plants will, so number them and your plants. A Sharpie works fine on foil and I use "craft" (popcicle) sticks next to the plants. As soon as the females "show", I stick them back under 24/7. Most of the clones will take root (change the water every few days), but they may be rather slow since you have "confused" them by changing the lights. The male clones and their parent plant are gotten rid of as soon as they show.

    I have a 2 x 5 feet, 12/12 lighting, closet with a shelf where the clones sit, with 3 tubs currently in use. And I have a small Chest of drawers that is my 24/7 area where the clones revert to vegging, then are planted when they have rooted, and the seedlings grow until they are ready for 12/12. Nice thing is that, if you have a real "keeper", you have a mom in veg, ready for you to make more clones! Read up on cloning and revegging. Good luck- Granny:hippy:
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    isn't this an outdoor forum?
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    pluck out some of the obviously week ones. then you will get some males, that will make some space later. i did this on purpose the last time i grew outdoors so the wouldnt get too tall and be visible. they dont get bushy that way either. from being crowded they were like 2 ft sticks with buds on them. i only got about 3 oz from 12 plants. this yr im going the other direction, single plants with all the room they can handle and tying them down if they get to tall.
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    I thought this to be outdoor as well and these subjects seem to get off into the indoor thing which I think can confuse those not in the know.

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