Plants went to seed, why?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Cattsy, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Cattsy

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    E- Soil
    CSL- Pro mix
    SCLR- Unsure
    E- City water aerated in a large barrel
    E- 7.0
    E- 9.5 weeks under 12/12 when harvested
    E- Advanced Nutrients Micro/Bloom/Grow with Big Bud
    E- as per AN schedule
    E- 1000 watt HPS 18-24" from plants
    E- 75 with lights on goes down
    E- Unsure
    E- 12/12

    SO here's the scoop. THese were clones that were given to us, and we were told were a kush cross. Big bushy plants but didn't really bud up very well. We had eight of them under a 1000 watt light. We might have let them go a little longer than they should have, though tricomes were still only somewhat amber. We haven't done anything different with this crop than any of our others and we've NEVER had this problem

    THe whole crop is full of seeds... No signs of balls or hermies, no signs of males, the only thing I can figure is A they were left to go too long (which my partner insists that could cause them to go to seed, I don't know if I buy it) or B bad genetics or C some sort of stress... there's no light leaks, it's a room within a room and no one bugs em when they're dark. We had no signs of stress on the plants while they were growing, I just don't get it. Wasn't untill we cut it all down and dried it out we realized just how many seeds there were in it.

    What other things can cause a plant to go to seed like that???

    I guess at this point it's a moot point. I'm a little choked about the whole thing but I'm just gonna make some killer butter from it I guess.
  2. tevfik

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    One banana is enough to do that and hard to find it in 8 plants, specially after the job is done.
    They can't seed without pollen.
  3. Lynhal

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    There had to be a pollen sac or pollen bits for them to go to seed. In fact, someone could enter your grow room with just a tad bit of pollen on ... say a shoe, and it could fertilize all the fems in there with proper airflow.

    I would still save some of those seeds and try to grow them next time. But I'm weird that way. haha, love experimenting with the genetic side of things. :smokin:
  4. Cattsy

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    Am I right in arguing though that it was NOT letting them go longer that caused them to go to seed, but more probable some sort of stress caused one to hermie and that got the whole crop?

    He's insisting they were too old, but I dont' think they were and I'm damn sure that wouldn't have caused the plant to go to seed... WOuld having them flower too long make them go hermie?

    THis has been an ongoing battle, he likes to cut them down too soon, and it ends up being harsher (imo) This was the first crop I actually made him watch the tricomes and go by that color other than what some stupid calendar said and then this happens...
  5. EvilCartman

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    We'll never know...
    Are the seeds mature?
    If the seeding was the result of a late-flower hermie episode, then I would expect to see a lot of immature seeds.

    Many strains do this as they ripen-up. Survival technique, and all.
    If the genetics are questionable, it's anybody's guess as to if, when, or how bad. :(

    How long was your partner intending to go, 8 weeks?
    If there are mature seeds, then the "event" didn't occur in the final week or so.

    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    stress CAN cause hermie, however since all were affected, id say genetics given your description of things. hermies can hide inside the bud but those dont generally litter you with seeds. too long of a flower can stress enough to hermmie but seeding would be minimal at late stage. try diif genetics and go from there. go by trichome color for sure even that is preference. good luck and happy growing.

    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    also check your peak temps, may be too high. not too mention how much your feeding and your ph is higher than it should be. if your water is at ph7 and you add nutes its going to rise above ph7 most likely, when you really want an end result of ph 6.5-6.8. these factors may play a role in your problem.

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