Platinum P450 or 2X GalaxyHydro 600w or One ViparSpectra 900W

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by madafaker, Jan 28, 2017.

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    So far growing with MH\HPS -2 units of 250w each
    Grow space 1m X 1m X 2mHeight
    Soil + organic nutes.
    Mediterranian climate - winter 10c-18c,summer 23c-30c
    So far i get good results for small plants (arround 2oz a plant and growing 4-6 plants) im growing mostly
    In winter as my lights heat the room well up to 22-25c-perfect condition,when lights are off i use 450w oil Radiator
    with digital thermostat to get from 16c to above 20c - also works well so i dont let my room drop below 17c even at cold nights of 8c.
    At peak summer i am avoiding indoor grow due to overheating in the grow room-sometimes i go outdoor and Sometimes not at all.
    Considering now applying LED lighting for summer and\or winter.
    Would like to have as many opinions as possible about which to buy:

    1 unit of PlatinumLED P450 - i heard thats the real thing and covers my room well
    2 units of GalaxyHydro 600
    1 or two units of ViparSpectra 900 or 600

    OR other recommendations.

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    Hi Madafaker
    I can give you a very complete answer, but before I start typing ... have you done anything yet?

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