Please advise re amputee and phantom pain...

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    My sister is an amputee with incredibly distressing phantom and nerve pain. She hates taking narcotic pain medication and is interested in trying medical cannabis. She is very nervous about feeling too "high" and trippy. She also suffers from anxiety and insomnia. Do any of you kind people have a recommendation?
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    am a budtender a physician instead i can help your sister she should not nessecarily smoke it.some patients are concerned with the fact that smoking medicinal marijuana may have harmful effects on the lungs and some times oral injestionof marijuana is preferd over smoking or i'd rather you get her what is known as cannabis capsules and edibles am a weed supplier if you need some and want me to help her without actually getting high you can contact me
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    I got to agree, smoking is an archaïc consumption method inherited from an obsolete Victorian era. While considering vaporizers are a much metter alternative there's still room for mishaps as i found out myself, so i'll just support the non-inhalation routes combined to more appropriate THC/CBD ratios, if available...

    Good day, have fun!!
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    She may need a toolkit of different pain meds. I do. I alternate between Ibuprofen, Tylenonl, and a narcotic pain med (rarely used), as well as MJ. Over a long period of time, I've learned which one works best when, and I hopefully don't have long term use of any one item.

    Also be sure she's up on vitamins which naturally help with neuropathy. I have found that certain vitamins help.
    "Vitamin Deficiencies: B-vitamins, including B-1, B-6, and B-12, along with Vitamin E and Niacin are crucial to nerve health."

    Alpha-Lipoic Acid is important as well:

    Google "Neuropathy vitamins" and you'll get a lot of sites which talk about the importance of the B vitamins and nerves.
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