PLEASE HELP--first time, might have been laced?

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by lindz2740, Sep 9, 2017.

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    So here's my story (please don't think I'm crazy...)

    A couple years ago I tried brownie edibles for the first time with my boyfriend and his guy friend, in his guy friend's dorm. It was just the three of us; I was the only girl. I had a reallyyyy bad experience (they told me I ate too much, too fast.)

    I saw something really disturbing, but I don't know if it was real or a hallucination. I was sitting in a chair rocking back and forth intensely. My ex was on one side of me and his friend was on the other, and they were both laughing and pulling their pants down, like they were mocking me (I do have social anxiety...but never experienced it around either of them before.) Anyway, I had this intense fear that they were going to sexually assault/rape me.

    The next day I talked to my boyfriend about it and he said that never happened. So either he was lying and they really did mess around with me, or it didn't happen and I just imagined it. If I did imagine it, why THAT scenario in particular? I can't help but think it might've been a flashback to a past sexual encounter, like maybe I was molested as a child but I can't remember that ever happening unless I repressed it.

    And now whenever I smoke weed, I have a crazy fear that any guys in the room with me are going to try to molest me. And it makes me extremely anxious/paranoid.

    I've smoked weed loads of times since then (but haven't taken edibles again) and I never experienced ANY hallucinations or anything like that. In fact, it's barely had an effect on me. But when I took the edibles, I saw flashes of colors and everything was sped up, like the world was in a permanent state of fast-forward motion. Could they have been laced? Is this normal for edibles?? PLEASE HELP!
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    Neither of those replies answered the question

    I doubt they were laced, it has been noted that edibles take longer to "kick in" than smoking and therefore it is easier to have a higher dose, however it also depends on your mood and your body chemistry

    As a woman who has been molested, a victim of date rape and suffered childhood sexual abuse, this story makes me wonder a lot of things.

    A if you did halusinate everything sexual that night no wonder some women who are actually raped don't get believed
    B if you really believed it happened and charged them it would stick with them for life then how guilty would you feel after finding out it didn't happen
    C or what if not only that happened but also more and you just don't remember and they never tell, that's horrible and makes me wonder how many times alcohol, cannibis and other substances play a role in date rape

    D you could have imagined some of the things that happened, it could have been something simple like a hidden memory of a movie you watched or something or it could have been serious,

    It is good you talk with people about it, to bad you didn't go to see a nurse the next day and ask for a rape kit to find out

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