Please Help, I think I was LACED!?

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by johny kk, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. johny kk

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    I got a couple of joints that my friend pre-rolled and I think somehow something got in them. I smoked about half of the joint which was only maybe a gram big, and I was either tripping or the highest I've ever been. I don't have that much experience with being 'too high' since i'm relatively new smoker but I don't think this was just weed. The main feeling I could describe it as would be that it felt like my body was moving in low frame-rate, Like my sensations were pulsing instead of constant. I felt just averagely high in my head but I felt fucked up in my body, at times it even felt like the pulsing physically hurt. I went to bed because at the time I was thought I had been laced. When I woke up and talked to another friend, a more experienced smoker, he said he'd never had that happen but he assumed that I was just 'too high'. So I trusted him but waited about a week to smoke the second joint, this time it was with a buddy and we smoked the whole thing together. About 15min after smoking the joint I started feeling the same sensations, I wasn't as paranoid this time though as I thought I was just smoking pretty strong weed or something. But I could tell my friend was visibly paranoid and he told me a bunch of times he thought he was too fucked up. This can't be all from a half a joint right? I'm typing this a day later and I still feel it a bit. If anyone has had any experiences like the one I described or knows what it could have been laced with let me know.
  2. emilya

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    so, you smoked with a couple of different friends, and neither one of them came away with the same feelings that your dealer is a scumbag who laces his pot with something evil. I would say that you, with the lone paranoia, are the source of this idea that your stuff was laced, and you really need to check your assumptions to see if they might be fabrications of your own stoned mind. Might it be, that being such a new smoker, that you just don't have the tolerance for modern pot that your friends have achieved? Pot these days is pretty strong and will hit you quite convincingly. The symptoms you described are part of the experience, and perfectly normal. I don't understand why you would have the impression that you could smoke a strong medicine like modern marijuana, without experiencing getting stoned. Yes, from a half a joint, it is totally possible. There is pot out there that after one or two small hits, not even 1/4 of a joint, and you will be too high to function. Just because the pot was intense, is no reason to think that someone decided to lace your pot by pouring other expensive drugs onto your pot, not to mention that its not that easy to lace pot without detection anyway, and why would anyone do that these days when pot is so easy to grow and is stronger than ever before and not needing to be laced with anything? Your theory just does not make sense, especially when doing so could easily get a dealer killed.

    Find your backbone dear snowflake, and realize that you smoked a heavy drug, and yes, it is going to affect you in various ways. If you can't handle that, or don't like the sensations, don't smoke again... but please don't accuse your supplier of doing something as dangerous as lacing your pot without very good reason to suspect them of doing so. Growers are usually a proud lot, and will not take kindly to your accusations.
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  3. Shovelhandle

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    That sounds like good strong herb. <G> It should knock a novices tits in the dirt if it's going to please experienced smokers. Like booze, a novice gets sick all over itself and the experienced drinker has a good time. So either don't smoke the pot or try smoking one hit and waiting a while. That may lead to a more pleasurable experience.
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  4. Pupp

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    I agree, it sounds like you were smoking a high THC indica. With so little tolerance, the symptoms are spot on for someone who has little experience with weed.
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  5. Weezard

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    When someone hands you a joint or two and they have a big grin on their face?
    Proceed, with caution.

    Try to smoke a 1/2 doobie of the meds I grow and you will have a story to tell the grandkids. :D

    Rule of lung?

    Take 1, (one), hit, Wait about 15 minutes for the rush to pass and the body high to hit.
    Still able to function?
    Good. Now you may proceed. :)

    Some buds are more impressive than others.
    Most street weed is like light beer.
    But some is like 180 proof Ethanol.
    And everything in between.
    I'm just saying.
    Never chug "moonshine" :D

    Wee 'zard
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  6. tangentweed

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    An intense indica at that.
    THC levels can be all over the map with various strains. You seemed to have gotten a potent one..
  7. johny kk

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    Okay it seems like the consensus is that it was just some strong weed. Thanks for letting me know and for the tips on waiting till you hit again with stronger weed. Thanks emilya, I was just concerned because I had consumed much more than 1/2 a joint in the past and didn't feel close to that high, I guess I just wasn't smoking that great of stuff so I assumed to smoke the same amount for the weed I had got. Plus I've heard stories about some people I know almost dying off things like spice that were laced in their weed. By the way the dude I had gotten it from didn't grow the weed he was just distributing. Thanks for the replies guys :)
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  8. Egzoset

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    Ha! Ha! That's supposed to be a funny gag, right?! :p

    Don't be surprized that using such consumption method might result in all sorts of inconveniencies - e.g. fears as what's expressed in the title's formulation, for example...

    Ever heard of the Syqe when it made the news, only a couple years ago?...

    Here's the short story. It's a Dry Flowers vaporizer designed for "MEDICAL" applications and 1 wheel could hold 70 doses of ~15 mg each, or 1 g per wheel.


    My personalized pipe has cannabic bowls of nearly 125 mg and 1 bowl provides, maybe, 6 independant tokes easily, which means 1 g can translate as at least 48 tokes and i'm not hard-focussed on "conservation".

    So, how much does one get from smoking half a 1g "joint" anyway? Do you see my point?? o_O


    Not to mention that those alternate dosage-wise solutions naturally invite to moderation, since after a while the device can be forgotten on a table and that's just as fine. Plus there's much less toxic potential as a bonus.

    Comparatively, as a former hashish smoker i used some tubular "tokeu" which contained my "precious" smoke inside, to avoid dilution, etc... I recall experiencing trouble attempting to decide where to extinguish a lit joint sometimes, thinking that opening it i'd need to assume losing a bit of my goodies... Actually i recall i wasn't even confident relatively to the benefit(s) of doing so; in other words this is an aspect of what i like to tag "the locomotive effect" (...), which means once it's lit one may hesitate in performing any dosage and hence this naturally lends to abuse, eventually.

    Lets face it, my smoke-based consumption method just was no incentive to spare a bowl to begin with.


    In conclusion that's a radically different scenario compared to my previous illustrations so my simple advice when it comes to laced "shit" shall be straightforward: better consume one 15 ~ 20 mg toke at a time than 10 times this amount in a single intake. M'well, if it's a violent poison then i suppose the victim will die no matter what, killed by said poison - not by the noble molecules which it vilified, evidently. But if laced with something less radical then i figure maybe it's not a bad idea to adopt a consumption model where a cannabic user ain't exposed as directly as when smoking a joint. Because if the total dose gets subdivided then i can safely assume the same applies with a lacing substance, consequently if there's a chance to handle such extreme threat without permanent prejudice then i'll bet on 15 ~ 20 mg tokes consumed at my own pace (instead of reacting to how slow/fast it burns, toking as in a race), etc., etc.

    Also, do yourself a favour: think of vaporizing for Christmass!...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  9. johny kk

    johny kk Registered

    Being a newbie to this I actually thought I was consuming sparingly with a half a gram. Thanks for the advice on consuming through glass and vaporizers rather than joints I'll definitely get on that. I'm thinking I'll buy a bong, any advice on what I should look for in terms of perks, ice catchers, and bases?
  10. Egzoset

    Egzoset Registered+

    Hi again,

    Using my HerbalAire v2.1 i recall a single typical bowl would hold 300+ mg, initially (...), and i still wouldn't be excessively satisfied with its aroma/taste as i often reached 1.5 g/day, since larger bowls seemed to improve appreciation...

    Unfortunately after a couple years i realized i needed water as an inlet item, thanks to a vaporist pipe i've adapted for pulsed-mode, after making it compatible with blue butane jet flames, etc. Long story.

    What's great with a pipe such a mine is that it doesn't require a water accessory at all, when i tried it that was devastating while instead i wanted a "Harm Reduction" compatible alternative, certainly not garanteed couch-luck... Which doesn't mean i can't "abuse" if that's my assumed choice, of course.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  11. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Bought these new tennis shoes from my dealer.
    Don't know what he laced them with, but I've been tripping all day.
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  12. 420k

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    Honestly, you may have just greened out, sometimes when you're "too high" the shit can become uncomfortable and your body reacts terribly, I'm sure we've all experienced something close to this at times

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