Please help identify this "looks like cannabis" plant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by angmocummer, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. angmocummer

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    I came across this plant, I got it home, probably will grow it too - for ecological benefits. :Rasta:

    I am new to the forum, read the rules and advice. This is not someone's stash. That is some really dishonorable stuff which I would never do. Found this in the wild, surprisingly at a not so discreet location; and there were quite a few of these.

    Please help identify and probably the best way to ingest these for a n00b. And how many joints can be made out of this? I have only had charas before this (the black semi solid stuff which I would cut finely and mix with a cigarette).






    It also had some "buds"


    Thanks for all your help!
  2. Weezard

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    Well, I know what it isn't.

    That is NOT Cannabis, brah.
    Do not attempt to ingest it.

  3. tikiroom

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    I am no botanist, but kinda looks like thistle to me.
  4. angmocummer

    angmocummer Registered

    Thank you for your reply. I am glad to have come here at this forum.
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  5. emilya

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    I agree.. it looks like the dreaded thistle. Here in missouri this sucker is so pernicious that there are fines for allowing it to go unchecked in some areas. They are constantly spraying and trying to eradicate this horrible plant. Glad you didn't try to smoke it.. your lips might have fallen off :)


    KINGJOHNC Registered

    it appears to be from the Nettle or thistle family.

    RAINHAZE Banned

    Wow, that's not even close to looking like herb,...Good thing you didn't try smoking it!
  8. asymetrical

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    Wow. Have you ever seen bud before bro?
  9. tevfik

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    I'm not a botanist either but it is not a thistle nor nettle.
    If it is a tree, probably a Fagus.
    If it is a herb, its looking like a Datura and if it is the one:
    YouTube - Jimson Weed Dangers
  10. growingweedoutside

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    Dude it's not even close to cannabis leaves, I quess you have not seen weed leaves before
    Or you just f**king with us! :D
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  11. joe86el

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    ''look a like''?? Are you serious? You've obviously never seen a weed plant before..that's fatsia japonica...good luck growing a plant!
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  12. CesaroSumm

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    Pretty sure that is from a Castor Oil plant. Real pretty, and REAL poisonous, the leaves look just like it, but those pods are unmistakeable.

    I would not mess with it, it has one of the planets deadliest types of poisons found in plants, ricin. Look it up, deadly deadly stuff. It also accumulates in the body like mercury, so long term exposure will kill you.

    It's a great ornamental though :)
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  13. the86thcreator

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    there's no need for me to I did anyway
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