Please help! Nitrogen Toxicity, or lack thereof?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Dietrich, Dec 27, 2017.

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    My plant is curling and clawing at the tips. The stems of the fan leaves have begun to turn red and the leaf tips are clawing. The plant from the bottom up has lost a set of leaves and is turning yellow. The last time I fed her nutes was four days ago and I used the rest of my 1gallon:1 1/4tsp ratio of veg nutes (6-4-4) which was 1 quart left over, the other quart of water was plain distilled. I believe I might have brought the nitrogen level to toxicity. She is now 2 weeks into flower (unknown bag seed). The pH of the soil is around 7.0 I'm using FFOF soil. Growing in a 5 gallon pot. I water her once every two days (1/2 gallon) and feed her every other watering. Temp ranges from 75-80°, rh ranges from 30-40%, I'm using a 400w hps bulb to flower. My question is whether or not you all think I have introduced too much nitrogen by using the rest of my veg nutrients or if I am not using enough nutrients i.e. not enough phosphorus. Pictures added. I know she doesn't look super unhealthy but its bothering me.

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    Over fert. FFOF has fert in it already. if you use a large container with lots of soil, it will last a long time, maybe the entire grow cycle. this means you don't have to anything except water when dry. the brown leaf tips looks like over fert. also, please take pics in white light only, not sodium, as it's difficult to see color in sodium.
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    Droopy leaves ? Watering every 2 days ? That sounds like too much water to me. Look up Emilya's watering info. You should only water after the pot has dried out & the weight of the pot is light again. I was overwatering too until I read her info. Her info has worked great for me.
    The brown tips....probably a Nute issue but I'm not real good at determining them so I'll leave that to the more advanced growers.
    I currently have 25 plants growing & only use about 5-6 gallons every 3 days,,,,but I'm only using 2 gallon pots for veg. & 5 gallon when I get to flower. Fox Farms Ocean Forrest is a hot mix (lots of nutes in it). I mix it with Happy Frog. 1 - Bag Ocean Forrest to 2- Bags Happy Frog to cool the mix down some so I can use my own nutes in 1/2 strength doses. So far it's working out pretty good. Had some burnt tips on the first set of leaves but everything above that was fine so once the plants got about 10" tall I cut the lower leaves off & things have been just fine.
    I'm no pro by any means. It's just what I tried & it seems to be working.

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