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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by maxlumens, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. maxlumens

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    I have a room full of Rhinos on 5th week of budding under 400 HPS that are falling over. The plants were always a little weird with 3 leafed leaves but look healthy otherwise. I have a room full of White Russians that were treated the same as the Rhinos with proper nutes and watering and light and circulation and they aren't falling over at the base. I don't see much in the way of fungus, some very small amount of white powdery look but hardly any. They've been sprayed with Bordeaux mix to prevent gray mold about 2 weeks ago. What causes them to fall over and besides staking them, what can we do to strengthen them?
  2. Reverse G.B.

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    Let me guess, you didn't have a fan gently blowing on them from the start. Well, now is the time. Have a fan GENTLY blow on your plants, this will increcase the strength of the stem when the flowering comes around, the weight of the buds won't make it droop
  3. Dutch Pimp

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    I tied coat hangers to the outside of the pot and used plastic tie-wraps to hold my rhinos up. Any kind of stake should work. (always use fans) a room full? lucky dog, you are headed for the promised land!
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  5. jamstigator

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    Yeah, a gentle fan breeze works wonders for strengthening stems. Also helps air circulation. Best to do that from the beginning though, so you may have to resort to tying them up now.
  6. busteruk7

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    try getting ya hands on some yo yo plant supports they work for me when i have probs
    cheers all :)
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    No. His avatar was a Star Wars thingy...two glowing eyes in a hood. I can't remember what they were called. (and I have seen that movie 60 times) Help!
  8. u.g.u

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    what I do is use tomato cages. The work great you are too far along now to use them but next time give it a try. The bamboo stakes suck and tie from the ceiling suck if you ever have to move them for any reason.

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  9. stinkyattic

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    I use a combination of bamboo stakes and baling wire. You know how bamboo is hollow... I push a 2" pice of baling wire into the end of the stake and form it into a little loop to push the plant stem into. Much easier that messing around with string all the time, tying, untying, moving, tying again...
  10. razzapiggy

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    Posted this in my grow log but wanted to bump this up to see what people do. Stinky, I like your idea, put the stakes in the dirt and tie the top of the plant to the stake... what the hell is baling wire though? LOL My colas are getting a bit chunky and I want to make sure this ladies dont fall down!! I've learned to address the problem before it happens from this first grow!!! :Rasta:
  11. dutch.lover

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    My one plant is huge and the colas were falling over, like they were laying sideways instead of upright. The plant was like this for about a week or so, so the buds probably fattened up a lot cause of the extra light they were getting. Anyways, the colas are supported now- i taped a 2x4 onto the pot and then strung the colas onto it. String is a pain in the ass, i agree, but I just used what was on hand at the time.
  12. aonymity

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    well if you have weaker stems wouldnt that energy that would have been used for the stem be in making bigger buds. id rather have to mess with keepin the plant up and have big buds then having strong stems? just my .02
  13. razzapiggy

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    don't think its exactly like that but im not positive...

    strong stems = can hold alot of weight = lots of herb
  14. justaseed

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    that's all well and good but a fatter stem can move more water and nutrients faster than skinny stems can hence fatter stems = fatter buds
  15. aonymity

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    yea i didnt think of the stem in that way good point
  16. zero0ne

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    currently my 3 day old plants are falling over... how should i counteract this?

    (too small for a fan really, as they are only have the initial 4 leafs)
  17. mingusdew

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    i've only read a little, but you may try burying them a little bit deeper under the surface, errr cover the stalk some
  18. zero0ne

    zero0ne Registered+

    wish i could, its a hydro setup :/

    i guess ill have to get some toothpicks and floss :)
  19. TheGanjaKing420

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    Move your lights closer....they are stretching because the light is: a) too far away or b) you don't have enough light
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