PLEASE HELP!! Probation/Testing Coming Up!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by RunningScared, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. RunningScared

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    Hey sure it's clean? I mean there was a line, but it was FAINT. I guess I'll try again tomorrow w/ my first void of the day again.

    Also, can anyone answer my question about whether it matters what time you wake up, as long as it's your first void after waking up?

  2. sd6515

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    It's just the first void of the day regardless of time bc the first void is ussually much more concentrated in general which makes it more likely to give you a positive bc it's basically the opposite of dilution. If you are getting a faint line on your first void try a test on like the 3rd without dilution and see I bet it will be a very solid line
  3. killerweed420

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    The lines still tend to be faint for thc negetive. The control line is usually real dark.
  4. RunningScared

    RunningScared Registered+

    I just tested again this morning (w/ first void), and got almost no line at all :( (I think I may have touched the piss to the plastic part of the test, though). Then, waited a couple hours, and retested on my third piss of the day (I piss quite a bit each time), and that one came up w/ a faint line.....about equal to the faint line I got w/ my first void yesterday. All the validity tests came up fine, on all the tests, however.

    Does it matter what temp the urine is when I test it? I think one of the tests says it has to be at room temperature before it's tested. Does anyone have any information on this? Also, I'm using the same cup to test each time, and washing it w/ HOT water and antibacterial soap each time. Is this sufficient? If anyone can answer these questions, I'd really appreciate it. I'm getting a little annoyed at the variance of the tests. Thanks, guys.

  5. killerweed420

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    I never worry about the temp in my home test.I just piss in the same cup and stick the strip in for 10 to 15 seconds. After I'm done I just rinse the cup out good.You are going to test more positive on the first test of the day because the thc has been released while you've been sleeping and built up in your intestines. Thats why you never want to take a UA at work with the first piss of the day.
  6. headieherbs

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    this is a great, informative thread, I had to give it a bump....

    also, did this dude pass? anybody know? where'd he go?
  7. I know this is a old post. I had a pretty decent line come up on multiple at home test but my test is going to a lab. Will I be okay?

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