Please Help! Stage 4 Liver and Pancreatic Cancer

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    Hey everyone , i just have a few questions for anyone out there that has been through a similar situation as mine.

    I have been battling stage 4 liver and pancreatic cancer for 3 months now. Instead of the conventional methods I have chose to use Rick Simpson Oil as my primary treatment and have recently began vitamin c and Alpha Lapoic Acid IV treatments twice a weak as well.

    I slowly and progressively raised my doses of Rick Simpson Oil until I had reached 1.25grams a day, and I've now consumed close to 65grams of the oil since diagnoses.

    I'm currently dealing with extreme levels of nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, and pain in my lower body, all of which I am having trouble alleviating.

    Has anyone out there reading this been through a similar situation and can help give me some advice, feedback or information on how you treated your illness and conditions ?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who spent the time to read my post and I appreciate any help I can get, thank you take care.
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    I suggest that you lower the dosage immediately.
    Here's why;

    "But proper dosage amounts for cancer may be based on false assumptions
    I have some new information that may help.

    Am treating myself for prostate cancer and tracking response by PSA assay.
    Remission would be nice, but I'll settle for slowing the doubling rate.
    And that's exactly what RSO did!

    When I first began ingesting RSO, the results were promising.
    Following the popular belief that more is better I rapidly built a tolerance. Shooting for a gram per day.

    As the dosage passed 1/2 gram, my PSA levels started to climb again.
    Had me worried.
    When I got to a gram the growth rate was only slightly reduced compared no oil at all.

    Then my 10 year old dog presented with multiple tumors.
    A large, (baseball sized), hard, tumor hanging down just behind her rib cage.
    Then cyst like, medium sized, (golf ball), soft masses in her armpits.
    Then 4 mammary tumors that grew so fast they cracked and bled.
    All this in a very short time.

    She lost weight and patches of fur. Her eyes clouded, and she lost interest in everything.
    Our vet wrote her off. But we didn't.

    Gave her a 4mm. drop of RSO on a treat, twice a day.
    She handled it well and showed immediate improvement.
    Her tongue and gums went from pale to pink. The mammary tumors stopped bleeding, and the abdominal mass lost about a centimeter in the first week.

    Time to build tolerance.
    Went to ~5 mm.
    It was too much for a 38 kg. dog.

    She stopped eating completely!
    Had already lost too much weight, so we dropped her dosage back down and watched her eyes clear, hair grow back, and tumors shrink over the next two months. Abdominal mass is now golf ball sized the softies in her pits are now grape sized and 3 of the 4 mammary tumors are gone!
    The 4th has no mass at the base, but the nipple is still enlarged.
    All this on continued low dosage.

    I used to audit medical classes at Case Western Reserve and remembered what I'd learned about the dosage "Bell curve" for most medication.

    For those unfamiliar, the bell curve is used to plot dosage effects on a line graph.
    At very low dosage, no effect.
    As dosage increases, the effect increases until it reaches a peak.
    Then, as you increase the dose, the line drops in a mirror image of the rise.
    The full curve resembles a bell.

    The point is, after you exceed the ideal dosages the effect decreases all the way down to no effect!
    Medicinal dosage follows the same rule as most things in life.
    More than enough, is too much!

    Based on this observation, I went cold turkey long enough to clear my head, and then started taking about 1/20th. what I had been.

    Average daily increase in PSA went from .0075 ng. per ml. down to .0029!

    Seems I was taking too much oil.
    Almost a gram per day, for over a year.
    With much less effect than I'm getting from ~ 50 mg. of RSO now!

    My plan is to increase my maintenance dosage by 50%, to about 75 mg., and check the PSA again in 6 months.

    I'm hunting for the peak of the bell curve. The ideal mg. per Kg. dosage for stage 4 Prostate cancer.
    I think I'm onto something here, I'll keep y'all posted.

    More is better, up to a point.
    Then, more than enough is too much."

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