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    IMG_5312.JPG Okay, so before I stopped smoking I was an almost daily smoker.

    Not sure if I'd say I was a "heavy" user.
    I'd smoke less than a gram a day.

    I stopped smoking at the beginning of last month. Id say the 3rd or so- giving me about 30 days.

    A week or so I had a small relapse and smoked a few hits in a couple day period. That's it.

    Here's the issue:
    I tested myself like a week after I smoked giving me an extremely faint negative.
    (Last Sunday)

    Tonight I decided to test again. (6 days later)
    Not much has changed. Still very faint.

    I have a doctors appointment in a week and a half.
    I just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. Yes, of course I stopped smoking. But I'm super worried. So of course using a detox method is sort of out of the question since I just found out last week I'm expecting.

    When will my THC test read a strong negative. The lines are super faint. But not sure how long this will go on.

    I'm taking those dollar tree tests.

    I'm 5'5
    180 LBS

    I'll post my photo of tonight's test. When will it get darker. You think I have a good chance of passing in just a couple more weeks with no smoking since it's coming up barley a line!?
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    I may not get much darker, but it does not have to.
    Even a faint line is a pass.
    Looks like you will be fine.

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