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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by TastyTreats, Sep 4, 2007.

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    I am going to have a drug test next week and I have some questions. It has been 1 week since I have smoked weed at all, but before this week I smoked everyday for 3months. I used the "Body Blends" Detox drink from on Wednesday of Last week. And have been drinking lots of water 64oz+ a day, and I also bought a Strip NC detox from GNC that I am going to take tommorow with a continued amount of water until my drug test. I am 5ft 8in and 160lbs. Should I worry about failing or am I in the clear??? Me passing this test is critical as is everyone here I will definitly post results. PLEASE HELP!!!

    By the time I take the test I will not have smoked for over 14days and will have detoxed twice with two different kinds of detox and will have drank way to much fucking water. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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  2. Iguana

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    Read the dilution sticky.
  3. TastyTreats

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    If I dillute at all ***I will fail*** This isnt going to be a strip dipped into a cup test easy test to pass. Im enlisting into the Army, So its a pretty strict test with someone pretty much holding it for me there so close so I cant substitute either. If I fail I cant retry for a year...........Any help would be great!
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    The detox drinks don't work and drinking tons of water before the test doesn't work and if somebodies going to hold your cock for you while you piss you don't have much choice,subbing won't work.Read the dilition thread or do what I would do.Tell the fuckers they are queer for wanting to watch my dick while I piss.And then just walk the fuck out.Why would someone want to join the service now?
  5. TastyTreats

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    Killerweed, wow. Thanks for nothing....Anyone have any real information that may help? Anything, Thanks....
  6. Tree_Burner

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    Dilute. You really have no other choice.
  7. TastyTreats

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    Strip NC = Vomit.....

    In my trials to clean out my system I thought this drink would be a good Idea haha, I found out otherwise this morning. This might not be for everyone but I do believe I could drink 32oz. of human urine before I could ever manage to drink another bottle of their grape detox drink. After I finished this thing, literally right after(30seconds) I started vomiting for about an hour. And im pretty sure the drink had no effect because of this..........Thought anyone who was thinking of trying this drink would like to hear this. Good Luck!! Has anyone else had this problem haha
  8. TastyTreats

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    Water & Exercise ONLY!!

    I have smoked every day or every other day for about 3 or 4 months till a little over a week ago and I managed to drink a detox drink once without throwing up on Wednesday of last week. If I just work out pretty hard everyday, and sweat myself and drink loads of water. What would be a normal time for my system to be clean, I will home test before I take myself to the real test. Im 5'8" and 160lbs....Any good information would be nice, I can not dillute and some people don't understand this.....Thanks in advance!
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    The detox drinks are basically worthless. The amount of water that they tell you to drink makes your urine diluted. You can do that on your own. Read the dilutuion sticky.
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  11. TastyTreats

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    Everything on this fucking forums gets a reply by a post whore that says, READ THE DILUTION STICKY! No fucking shit..........
  12. TastyTreats

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    Again, More space wasted by someone repetedly saying READ THE DILUTION STICKY!!!! No fucking Shit.......Dilution/Substitution isnt for everyone.....Some people really need to clean there bodys out not fucking mask it!
  13. thecreator

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    Where is said sticky? I've heard the same thing I mean he said it didn't make him throw up but it ignited an immediate gag reflex. He actually said grape is the best out of the usual flavors being Fruit punch, pina colada, apple and pomegranate? Yea that last one kinda threw me for a loop.....Anyway good luck and I hope nothing happened bc of that
  14. TastyTreats

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    After downing like half I felt like my stomach was bubbling and I knew something was up, then I finished the rest while holding my nose and then BAM it was like insta puke after a Liquor Bong or some crap, I also heard Grape was the best flavor. but I now beg to differ. I sent in the guarantee they have and theyre going to send me the 7day pill kit, its worth the try on top of all the other shit im doing.
  15. imitator

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    No, its not worth the try. Ask for the money back, and buy Quick Fix if you want to pass your piss test.

    The detox drinks dont work well enough, and are basically just dilution method anyways with the massive amounts of water they make you drink. The pills arent much better. Quick Fix doesnt rely on luck or chance, its a promised pass in a bottle, as long as you are able to deliver it to the cup without being watched.
  16. imitator

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    Ok, your attitude to those who are trying to help you is uncalled for.

    Obviously you havent read the sticky, if you had, you would know what you need to know.

    Those drinks arent going to help you clean out your body much more then you could do on your own. The dillution tips in that sticky though, will help you pass a piss test via dilluting, which is loads easier then trying to completely clean the thc byproduct that is tested for out of your system.

    Oh, and in case you didnt know, you are already doing half the damn dillution method as it is, with all the water drinking. FYI, THC isnt water soluable. You are just giving your kidneys a lovely workout.
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    TastyTreats, I merged these posts. Please try to confine yourself to one thread per topic, thanks.

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