Plumas County couple sentenced in marijuana case

Discussion in 'Cannabis News' started by Psycho4Bud, Apr 20, 2008.

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    SACRAMENTO—A Plumas County man has been sentenced to two years in federal prison and his wife has been given a six-month term for growing marijuana at their home in a steep, wooded canyon.
    Jeffre Sanderson and Alice Wiegand said they grew pot for medical and spiritual purposes, but the federal government doesn't recognize California's medical marijuana law, which allows people to legally grow and use marijuana for medical purposes.

    U.S. District Judge Frank Damrell Jr. allowed Wiegand to remain free until Dec. 1 to give her time to arrange for someone to care for the couple's two young children while their parents are in prison.

    What jury was behind this? Was there a jury? IF somebody can find more information it would be much appreciated!!

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:
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    gah the fucking feds drive me insane. This whole country is so contradictory
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    Have not seen anything like this in the local papers....I'll check around.
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    Seems like the DEA is doing a great job spending our money to make sure people who abide by state laws live's are ruined :thumbsup:

    Our government makes me sick.
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  6. Weedhound

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    Like your avatar Mark! :D :thumbsup:
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    Was this the couple that had been raided multiple times, each time the DEA just took everything made no arrests, until they cumulatively had siezed over 99 plants? I don't recall their names.
    No matter though.
    This happens because you cannot use mmj as a defence at all. Can't even bring it up/talk about it.
    If the DEA is able to get someone, and obtain evidence somehow so that THEY don't have to reference mmj like just getting it in their home or cumulatively, then it's tough to beat. Jury, they had 100 plants in the backyard, here is the federal law it says.... did they violate it? Yes, of course, just like me you him her he she.
    That's the problem with mmj.
    Hopefully between NORML addressing the U.N., the congressional bill just introduced, and or the 2008 Cal Hemp Int something good will come out of this season. But "Special MMJ Legislation" on it's face is flawed and those poor people are just victims of it. It's soo frustrating knowing that congress has a bill asking for reschedueling, but in reality it's alot of poppycock. Wow, so now it will be as legal as cocaine, WTF? That just tells me we will still needlessly have millons of criminals in this nation (by definition) and homes, families, and lives compromised and harmed because of it. Buck the fuck up and just throw it in with Alcohol and Tobacco.
    Mister Attorney General could you please remove cannabis from the sched completely! There is still a petition asking for the recondsideration of schedueling that is under review. I wonder if this will be brought up in Congress? I am on a rant sorry.:jointsmile:
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    I was browsing google images and happen to come across it...I found it relatively humorous :)
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    An article I read said they had 250 plants. A bit much for personal consumption. Because of prohibition there is a huge element of criminals involved in MJ. Which is a shame because it just makes it more difficult to get it legalized.
  10. Markass

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    I can't find anywhere that states the quantity of plants...

    I do however know someone who grows and smokes to mitigate their pain...An ounce or so a week. If they grew an outdoor crop once a year, they'd damn sure need to grow a lot.

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