Plz give Advises for pruning an Autoflower???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bluezman, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Hi there...i think i am gonna sun some easy ryder af and some ak48 sagmaratha af.
    And i would like to give me some info with the pruning ??
    When the plant need it?
    And how you prune....cause at some previous run of non af plant i used to cut
    the fun leaves little by little every day...But i understand that this make the plant more slower and not faster as i thought at the start????

    So can anyone tell me fro pruning an Af ? and a normal plant?
    thx growers info will be valuable!:Rasta:
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  3. bluezman

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    thx man i will check it out!

    and what about the normal plants ?
    how is the prune philosophy?
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    Not sure about the philosophy so to speak. It's like the art of bonsai I guess, it just kind of speaks to you after you learn the basics...Here's a plant I have now that I'm turning into a small mother plant that can give up at least a dozen clones every 7-10 days. I topped the plant after the 4th set of leaves, removed bottom growth, cut the resulting branches above 1st, 2nd, & 3rd set of leaves (from top to bottom branches), then again after the second set on each branch after that, and cleared out the center & badly placed branches. The key for me is to keep a nice, small canopy at the top because I'm using a fuorescent light that will give plenty of possible cuttings.

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