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  1. any portable and full metal body portable vaporizer suggest?
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    Check out the Pax 2. I've used several portable vaporizers and the pax 2 is still my go-to. It's a lot smaller than you'd expect and has amazing battery life. I have a referral link that gives you a $50 accessory kit for free with your purchase. Let me know if you're interested!

    comes with a 10 year warranty and exceptional customer service

    Pax 2 Vaporizer Review ⋆ Vaporizer Wizard

    here is the link: http://share.paxvapor.com/x/2OFrlS
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    Seems like new portable vaporizers are being introduce all the time. The market is so young, it could be years before any particular brand or brands come out as industry leaders.

    It doesn't appear that any of the brands are selling based on price/performance for their top models, so it makes it even murkier as to which portable vaporizer company is selling the best product. I'm sure there is a large difference between prices of the better vaporizers from various companies, but at this point all I could do is suggest reading or watching reviews of a vaporizer to help narrow down your choices.

    I do know that at least one company sells a $200 gizmo to heat squeeze resin off buds that's been repeatedly outed as not being any better than a $20 flat iron from a department store. (Rosin technique). So do some research first.
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    tks for share
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    No problem, it is seriously one sexy piece of equipment and you'll love it!
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    New vaporizer has been launched latest i.e Aurora by Dr. Dabber: Best Vaporizer in the Game . You can try this new vaporizer.
    Safety Feature is included as always.

    • Three Calibrated Color Coded Heat Settings

    • Threadless Snaptech Connections

    • Satin Black Finish

    • Three Different Atomizers

    • Two Mouthpieces

    • Five Click Safety Feature

    • Magnetic USB Charging Base (Base Type May Vary)
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    i vote the mighty by storz and bicke the same people that make the volcano. its portable hits, hard, has 2 long lasting built in batteries, and has push button heat control that goes up to 410 degrees with a lcd screen that shows your current temp, desired temp, and battery life. uses dry herb and concentrates and you can evenget an attachment so you can rip it through your bong. i fucking love this thing!!!!! and yes its totally worth the $400 price tag
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    focusvape has a metal surface with a ledher coat. it's really good...
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    Dr Dabber gets their stuff from the same places anyone can they just put their stickers on it. Look on DH Gate, you will see. There are tons of "Unique" products out there but if one looks around they will see a commonality that can no be refuted :p Just the facts of life. Buy a kool sticker or buy a vape pen
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    Kind Pen, Candy Pens, all of them, few are unique. There are some. But for the money I can not understand why anyone would buy a Pax, There are dozens out there that do exactly the same thing. The technology is all the same in all of them. Find what attracts you and the price point and you will probably not go wrong when it comes to dry herb vapes.

    Now concentrates? Almost the same story. I rock a glass globe UGO 900 mah batter as my daily driver. I have plenty of pens trust me on that.
    I am not affraid to lose this UG V-ll starter kit, for 24 bucks sheesh and I have yet to burn up an atomizer with this battery http://adabldo.com/ugo-v-ii-concentrate
    So there is plenty of flash out there.

    I will say this, The warranty of the Pax is unbeatable hands down.
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    for dry herb and price point this guy rips great

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