Possible algae / white fuzzy mold PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Xsphere253, May 2, 2005.

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    I transplanted about a week or so ago.. I've noticed green algae type substances growing ontop of the soil of a few of my clones. One of them looks as if its starting to grow some white fuzzy mold on the top of the soil as well. I'm a newb in the cultivation and this is my first attempt to grow from clones I took from my first plants. I will attempt to attach some pics of them. Any suggestions and comments are eagerly awaited. I read that its ok when the leaves start to turn yellowish as this means they are rooting. Is this the case? I've noticed since I cut them off the main plant there has been growth in each of them.. wheather they look like they are pulling through or not.

    Assuming the pictures load.. the first 3 are of some of the clones.. the 4th picture is a good example of the green algae and the last picture is the one with the white fuzzy stuff growin on it.. :confused:

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    Problem solved, no need for alarm folks we got this baby under control ;)
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    hi guys . have the same prob with my plants. can u help ? please.
  4. irishgrower2006

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    really need to know what this mould is and how much damage it is doing . my soil looks like the pics above

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