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Discussion in 'Legal' started by BlazedinBA, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. BlazedinBA

    BlazedinBA Registered+

    hey all, well the mailman came today and said that my package was ripped at the post office and they found the seeds inside(it was sent from another person, not a seedvendor)....the mailman was looking out for me and said that they wouldnt let him deliver the package and the manager turned it in to the post office police...he told me i should keep an eye out.......does anyone knowhats going to happen? sent from canada to u.s.
  2. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    Post office police??? Thats a new one on me. The bastards prolly got em in a paper towel at the post office .
    post office police=FBI.
    NAHHHHH. i doubt it. If you dont hear anything in a week should be kewl. hell peeps get there seeds confescated at US customs sometimes and they dont get nothing but a letter.
  3. 8182KSKUSH

    8182KSKUSH Registered+

    How can you be responsible if someone sends you seeds? You have no idea what they are, who sent it, etc... get it?
    Plausible Deni ability.:D
  4. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    I like that. lol

    Or you could put an address in the sender area of the envelope.

    G. Bush
    1600 Pennsylvania AVE
    Washington D.C

  5. Sandm4n

    Sandm4n Registered+

    thats freaky! but like every one else said if you dont hear any thing in a week or two you should be good but i wouldnt try ordering any more seeds to your house for a while. :stoned:
  6. LolaGal

    LolaGal Registered+

    How did they know they were reefer seeds? You could say they were OKRA seeds.....maybe they'd buy that. I bet they've got a germination in progress! Must've been stoners workin at the p.o.

    Surely your buddy didn't write on there MARIJUANA SEEDS ENCLOSED. I don't see how they could prove they were yours. You can't control the stuff sent in mail.

  7. magiccity445

    magiccity445 Registered+

    dude that is like my worst fear in the fuckin world.... thats why i have yet to order any seed or shit like that but depending on what happens tells me if i will go aheads and do it or not....

    good luck broski...
  8. BlazedinBA

    BlazedinBA Registered+

    thanks guys, thats more of a relief ive been paranoid as fuck....after the mailman came by i had everything cleared outta my house mj related...just incase...there has been a few raids at my school this year so ive been getting kinda worried...
  9. LolaGal

    LolaGal Registered+

    Blazed.....sounds like a good idea to clear out bongs etc. to me. I wouldn't grow until after next spring is over at that address. Sounds like the dude at the post office is bored and will be checking your mail personally for a while. Bet you live in a small town where the dude will be a pain for ever. If you live in large metropolitan area I bet it will die down quietly though.

    Hope the post office police don't come after me. haha Are they anything like the Dallas Police? The way the DPD did that Kennedy thing still makes me avoid Dallas.!
    (sorry Texas)

  10. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    You should give your mailman a nice tip (cash).
  11. Markass

    Markass Registered+

    I like how they use the pretense of safety to invade our privacy...Ripping our mail open can like keep us omg, ssooooo safe..:wtf:

    This country is going to the dogs...It makes me sick..:(
  12. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    Yes there is such a thing as "post office police"...they are called US Postal Inspectors, yes they carry guns, and have powers of arrest......FEDERAL arrest. They are not somebody you want to tangle with.

    FWIW, the postal service is not in the habit of opening folks mail, and as was said before, had it been intercepted by US Customs, you would have gotten a letter.
  13. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    absolutely, positively, Correct :thumbsup: ... and, at least some U.S.P.S. Postal Inspectors are issued brand-new Cadillac Esplanades to drive :wtf: (I speak from experience) ... yet, they need constant stamp price increases to survive (put 'em in a used Yugo, I say :smokin:)
  14. dlovejah

    dlovejah Registered+

    My only concern would be.. Did you Have them Delivered to an active grow site.. or a safe addy or P.O Box... You could get a knock if its your primary address.. Most Likely Not....Be safe.. d:Rasta:
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  15. BlazedinBA

    BlazedinBA Registered+

    it was sent from a person, not an actual seeedbank, so its not like i paid for them...does thhat help??
  16. dlovejah

    dlovejah Registered+

    I wouldnt be that worried...YOu :hippy: Just received some seeds from a person you dont know, and you have no Idea why you would get these??must have been a mistake, or the wrong address . d:Rasta:
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  17. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Registered+

    I wonder if this is the result of an amateur sending beans,or a nosey mailman,or just bad luck...
    Small crush prove plastic inside of a USPS bubble envelope sent Priority mail is a good way to send beans...USPS Priority cardboard boxes are the only way I'll go when gifting smoke...A "TightPac" wrapped with a shit load of bubble-wrap to keep it in place is my favorite way to pack...The "peace of mind" is worth the extra money to me to get it where ever it's going that much faster(usually next day in the states)...Always use a false name and return address...Always make sure the person you're gifting knows you are about to send it and confirms they'll be available to receive it before you send it...
  18. chadsvb

    chadsvb Registered+

    ok, so who has had problems receiving their seeds? How would they have known to look at his mail? I mean, what does the post office have that let's them know something is suspicious about a package that small? I have no knowledge of all this, so I am looking to get educated here.

    I've got some seeds on the way. They are coming from a seedbank though. Supposed to be in discrete packaging. This thread has me a little worried about it, though.
  19. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    I get ripped mail, things "accidently opened" etc all the time and none of it has ever been anything illegal....just a note from the the post office that it got caught in a piece of machinery or something.....sounds like he just got unlucky. Someone kept shipping me seeds in cardboard and they kept crushing so i think alot of mail goes through "machines" of some type. Something solid like a cd case that can't be crushed or "accidently ripped" seems the way to go to me. I've sent a fair amount of seeds to people (and had seeds sent to me) without any problem the cardboard experience which happened twice so I gave up on it (again....sent to me that way.....) and i always mail them in something SOLID. So do the seed venders as a rule.
  20. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

    Okra seeds from Canada would have been confiscated too ;)

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