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  1. ccom

    ccom Administrator Staff Member

    -- Specifically, the messageboards are reserved for primarily medical marijuana and INFORMATIVE cannabis talk.
    if you are not a medical marijuana patient or interested in anything medical marijuana related and ONLY interested in social posting, than these messageboards are NOT for you. If you are posting purely off-topic social threads in the messageboards, consider that your posts will be deleted and your account reset. You must be 18 and over.

    What is an off-topic social thread?

    Any of the following are considered social threads, "Anyone from ...?" "Rate the avatar above", "Talk about someone.[another member of the forum].", "Where is [another member of the forum.]", threads about any RECREATIONAL marijuana talk, other drugs, any homemade smoking devices and/or how you made them, talking about your pickup from a dealer, and or any thread with content other than medical marijuana or be deemed INFORMATIVE CANNABIS INFORMATION will be considered off-topic social threads and NOT ALLOWED ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS

    -- Asking for a hookup or a request for Mail Order Marijuana or anything of the related will result in an IMMEDIATE PERMANENT BAN this includes selling/asking/offering ANYTHING, including seeds, hydro,lights, grow equipment, etc etc, these are all a NO-NO

    -- In relation to above, spamming of websites will also result in a IMMEDIATE PERMANENT BAN including in your signature


    -- If you are deemed making immature, contentless posts, consider your account will also be be PERMANENT banned. (this is up to mods and admins)

    -- No Racism, No Personal Attacks on Others and or Co-Ops/Dispensaries, No threats of violence and/or the Like

    -- No Vendor Requests, No Making business dealings with Co-Ops/Dispensaries

    -- No Posts containing email addresses and/or the like

    -- Its likely that if you are angry at this point due to these rules, it might be best NOT to post about this If these rules make you angry or unhappy, then it is likely the focus of these messageboards is not the place for you, we will soon have a partnership with a good social forum in place. You dont need to make threads or posts detailing your unhappiness, which will only cause undue attention on your account and post history

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  2. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    More specific rules that appear elsewhere on the site and you might have missed

    Other subjects we do NOT discuss here include
    -Other criminal activity. This includes but is not limited to: Smuggling, theft, violence, dealing, taking cannabis on public transportation.
    -Gang references WILL result in an immediate ban, including in usernames.
    -Getting pets or minors high
    -Other drugs, including alcohol. This is a very important one. We discuss cannabis products only. Repeated references to other drugs, including misuse of pharmaceuticals, or use of psychoactives that may still be legal in your area, WILL result in a ban.
    -Growing in the home of someone who is not aware of your growing activities. This includes parents or housemates who are on your lease. Dormitory growing is also covered under this rule.
    -Making home-made smoking devices. This is for your safety.
    -Hot-linking sites selling goods or services. Please don't do this.

    Thank you in advance for understanding. We want to make this site as safe and informative as possible!
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  3. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Concentrate Fan Staff Member

    Cannabis.Com is an open and free community, provided to facilitate discussion revolving around Cannabis and Cannabis Legalization.

    By registering with, you agree to abide by all the rules and regulations stated in the Posting Guidelines now and any subsequent changes. If you have already registered, your continued involvement will signify agreement.

    Posting Guidelines

    Cannabis.Com does not encourage or condone any illegal activity and you are responsible for knowing your local/state/countries laws and the legality of your actions. You acknowledge that Cannabis.Com has no control over or responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any material posted on the Board by other users. Your use of this Board is subject to all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

    You will find dedicated forums for some topics. Please look through all the forums and their descriptions and choose the correct forum for your thread. There is a general topics forum (The 420 Lounge) if your topic does not have a dedicated forum. Continued posting of threads in the wrong forum will result in infractions being given out. Each thread should have one topic and members should stay on topic for that thread. Posting the same thread in multiple forums is not allowed.

    Pornography is not allowed on the Board.

    Any posts that contain pornography will be moved to the tank and infractions given.

    There is to be no discussion of selling drugs, or marketing of drugs, in any way, shape, or form. This rule is in place and must be enforced to protect the future of the Community. Violations will result in an infraction and/or banning.

    Requests for hook-ups are not allowed on the public forums, period. This can include, but is not limited to, asking to meet up to smoke together, asking for a dealer in a specific area, asking for an email or phone number, broadcasting your contact information, etc. If you wish to meet another member you may send that member a PM or utilize the many instant messenger services (that you can include in your profile) and request to meet on an individual basis. strongly urges everyone to use discretion and common sense when thinking of meeting online acquaintances.

    Discussion of other drugs is allowed in context/conjunction with marijuana. Threads/posts dedicated to other illegal drugs/substances alone are considered off topic and will be tanked with a warning/infraction given.

    There will be no trading or buying/selling of anything on the Board. Posts requesting loans/donations from the members for personal gain is not allowed and will be infracted and tanked.

    This being a community of unique individuals, we understand that differences of opinion will occur. You agree to treat each member with respect. Any posts that 'flame' other members (calling them names, racist or insulting them) or 'troll' members (harassing posts, posts made just to tick a particular member off) will be moved to the tank and an infraction given. Posts filled with obscenities and/or profanities may be considered trolling.

    (Law Enforcement Officers) LEO's as they are commonly referred to in our forums. We have many current and former LEO's that are members here, and they are here on their own time and their own free will, they are not here to bust you, they are here to help you.

    Whether you have a question about a court issue or about a recent encounter that you had with a police officer, they are here to help you understand what your rights are and what their rights are, they are here to help you better understand what you can expect, given your situation.

    Not all police encounters are good ones, but this is where respect is needed to keep things in perspective. There are a lot of members that depend on the help that our LEO members provide. Therefore, we will not allow any threads or posts that are profane / rude or otherwise degrading to police officers. Infractions will be issued.

    Any member that sees any posts like described above, please use the 'Report Post' button for staff attention.

    Use The Search Feature! Chances are that your question or topic has already been answered or asked. Take the time to search for your answer before you make a new thread about it. It saves everybody time and allows for information to be consolidated and easily accessible.

    For information on how to search the entire network using the Google search engine, read The Art of Searching.

    No Multiple Accounts. One member name per member. If staff finds a member with more than one member name, both names may be banned.

    No Turbo Posting or Spamming! Posts with little content ("cool", "I agree", etc.) or posting for the purpose of racking up a post count to claim an avatar or custom title may result in a reduction of your post count, an infraction, or even banning. Private Messages and Reputation Comments as well as the Thanks button can be used for this type of interaction.

    Infractions will be given for repeated mention of products where inappropriate. Blatant spamming will be immediately removed from the forums and the user banned without warning. is not allowed. Please make sure you are not posting a hot link in your signatures or in the body of your posts. Repeatedly posting links is considered spamming. If you wish to purchase an ad, here is the link: Advertising

    You agree to not upload any material that would violate any copyright laws, including but not limited to music and software.

    You agree to not post private messages without the permission of the other member. Private Messages and Reputation Comments are between members and not to be posted/discussed on the forums.

    You agree also to post no link in your signature or post unless they are to a non-commercial site that relates to marijuana or legalization.

    Growing topics are allowed. If you have reached the age of 18 and wish to learn how to grow for medicinal use, growing marijuana topics are allowed.

    The discussion of K2 and Kanna are allowed.

    The Posting Guidelines apply to posts and private messages.

    Warning/Infraction system:

    We may give a warning or infraction when members break the Posting Guidelines. Multiple infractions will result in being banned either temporarily or permanently. Infractions and warnings will be null after a years time of the infraction being issued.

    First offenses may be warnings (0 points) or an infraction, which is 3 points. These points expire three days from infraction.

    Second offense is a 3-day ban.

    Third offense is a 7-day ban.

    Fourth offense is a 14-day ban.

    Fifth offense is a permanent banning from the site.

    Example of how infractions can be removed:

    There will be no discussion of site business. This is to include any decision made by the staff or infractions issued. There will also be no discussion of how many ads the site has or their placement. Ads are ads. They are everywhere, so we must live with them. We are here to further the cause of marijuana legalization.

    So you can see we give each member plenty of opportunity to read the posting guidelines and adjust to the community and decide if this board is for you.

    You the member are responsible for your own internet security. While staff will strive to protect member's personal security, it is each member's responsibility to realize that anything you post will be searchable by internet search engines. We strongly advise not giving out any personal information on the Board or to other members or staff. You need to realize that if you don't want it googled, you shouldn't be posting it.

    Along those lines; we will not allow you to post pictures, addresses, phone numbers, etc... of other people. If another person wants their picture and/or contact info posted here, then that person can register and post it themselves. Keep in mind that you wouldn't want someone using your image without your knowledge or permission & we can't verify that you actually have that person's permission. Any such posts will be tanked and an infraction could be issued for repeated violations of this type.

    We do not and will not delete posts or accounts on request, however if you made a mistake and posted revealing personal information, we will go in and edit that information out on a case by case basis, upon request.

    Finally, staff members are the final authority concerning the Posting Guidelines and the necessarily subjective definitions concerning the breaking of them. Please take the warning/infraction in the spirit intended, which is to help members have a positive experience overall in our community.

    Signatures: Maximum number of characters including BB Code is 1500, not including BB code, 750 characters with a maximum of 5 lines. Font size can be no larger than 3.

    Subscribers are allowed signature-animated pictures not to exceed 468 X 60 with a file size maximum at 30000 bytes. Subscribers maximum number of characters is 3000 including BB code and 1500 not including. They have a maximum of 10 lines and a Font Size maximum of 5.

    Avatars: After 30 days registered, 100 posts and positive reputation you will be able to upload an avatar.
    Size restrictions are 50 X 50 and 30000 bytes. Subscribers size restrictions are 80 X 80 and 40000 bytes.
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  4. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Concentrate Fan Staff Member

    Comments on New Posting Guidelines
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