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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by dakotah56671, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. dakotah56671

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    how much weed do i need (i prefer White Widow) to make a good size batch of brownies, for 4 people?
  2. linearvermin

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    don't use good weed for brownies man. I used kush the last 5 times I made them and you can just use stress and get very similar results. A lot of people make edibles without even using the bud, instead they use water leaves. I assume bud, even shwag, would have more thc % then a water leaf but I could be mistaken. Its 40 bucks for a half oz in where I get it and I make it into cannabutter, see recipe section, and then put that into my brownies. I really cant even tell a difference from the stress brownies and the kush ones both put me on my ass and sometimes they are too strong and you need to take a few weed naps throughout the day haha. Hope this helped :thumbsup:.

  3. VapedG13

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    Get a browine mix that uses 1/3 cup Vegetable oil

    Try about 1/4 oz (Crunchy dry weed) ......melt 2 cubes butter in a sauce pan....add the white widow to the melted butter, crunching it up inbetwen your fingers.

    Bring to a boil then turn down the heat and let the mixture simmer (low boil) for 20-25 mins.

    While cannabuttuer in simmering ....mix the brownie mix as per directions.

    DONT ADD THE VEGETABLE OIL ....we are going to add 1/2 cup of cannabutter

    get a pulp strainer and pour the cannabutter though the strainer into a measuring cup.

    we dont want the weed ...we want the weed/butter mix or cannabutter...a 1/2 cup of it

    Add the 1/2 cannabutter to the brownie batter.....mix well....bake at 325 until done about 35-45 min.
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  4. bigtopsfinn

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    This is quite a lot. I have made brownies with many different quality leaves/buds/schwag (actually just took a batch out of the oven), and I think 7 grams of White Widow is too much. If you make it properly you shouldn't need that much IMO.

    I used to use a half ounce of schwag, took out all the stems and seeds, ground it up, cooked with oil, and added it to the mix. This made 9 servings, 1 for normal people, 2 pieces if you were a daily smoker. No one tried 3 because 2 was already pretty hardcore.

    With dank, I used about 8 grams one time for one batch of brownies, and I split it up into 6 pieces. 2 unexperienced smokers asked to go to the hospital as they thought they were gonna DIE! Of course, they were fine after a while, but will probably never be that high again.

    Point is, you gotta do it once to get the feel for it. Thats another reason why its best to use shitty weed. If they don't turn out good, you didnt waste much money (if you can get schwag cheap). Plus there is the less likely chance for OD (not dying, but thinking you will).

    If you have to use the White Widow, I would recommend somewhere between .3 and .7 grams per serving. Grind it up finely (no stems), cook it a little with oil, and just put all of it into the mix (oil+weed-stems). I've never tasted the weed in the cake if its ground up finely enough.

    Hope this helps:jointsmile:, time to go eat some of my own cake now!
  5. bigtopsfinn

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    Edit: Cannabutter is probably the best way to go instead of vegetable oil.

    Still got me pretty baked though.. I didn't have that much butter this time.
  6. VapedG13

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    To me white widow is dank 8 gs is more than a 1/4....my strain of weed puts white widow to shame...I use a quarter of it:thumbsup:

    4 people would get high 2 times:thumbsup: I usually cut a 9x9 pan up into 9 pieces start with 1 piece and wait a hour or so then mabey another piece:) every piece contains alittle under a g

    Whos uses veg oil to extract Trichs?? I think you might have miss read my post.
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  7. killerweed420

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    7 grams of shake is what I usually use. They'll be pretty potent if you use 7 grams of WW bud. If you do it wait an hour or so between brownies or you'll be taking a nice nap.lol
  8. Revanche21

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    I would say about 7g of good bud is just about right
  9. MrTamale

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    I heard (from this sitePot Brownies) that 5 grams of dank in an 8x8 would give you 32 doses. Thats 1"x2" brownies. Someone please give me clarity!! Tell me if this is a good plan... I will do 7 grams in an 8x8 and cut it into 30 pieces. Will a piece get me high? Also, tell my what you think of that website. Is it bullshit?

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