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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by sft, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. sft

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    Hey guys im new to the forum, I have more of a question to people who might know about access to Marijuana in the caribbean besides jamaica.
    im planning to make a trup out there, hopefully someone can help me out in search of finding the ganja at other caribbean islands. uf anyone has any valid comments I would be grateful, islands of especial interest are turks and caicos, bahamas, st lucia, or any others you might know about. Ive heard st lucia is also pretty good for herb after jamaica, but can anyone tell me if ill get smoked out to hell in a week out there (like in ja-land) or not. I def. want herb to be a part of my time, if im goin to the caribbean man, sun sand, sea and herb hopefully!
  2. dylan

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    i have family in st. thomas vi and theirs a lot of pot everywhere. you can find the rasta people smoking it on the beach and stuff, it's very good pot too. if you ask around you can shurly find some. also, tortola of the british vi has legal shrooms; you can go to a coffee shop or small store and buy them! i'm shure most caribbean islands are similar. alough, if they are us territories(which st. thomas is)it may be a bit more strict, but not by too much.
  3. ermitonto

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    A friend of my sister's visited Jamaica and said that weed is everywhere and finding it is no problem.
  4. ermitonto

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    Also, think about Aruba/the Netherlands Antilles since Dutch law applies there!
  5. sft

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    thanks guys, im sure ill be able to find it i just wanna be sure, ive already been to jamaica and its great there as one would expect. most probably ill be going to st lucia or turks and caicos, also thinking about the others too though aspecially anguila, aruba and antigua too. thanks guys, even more help would be appreciated.
  6. heartsurgerysurviver

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    Hi stf
    Every island I have visited, from the Bahamas to Cozumel, I have been offered weed. They are all fairly easy to aquire on except the Caymans. Just walk through the local outdoor fruit, food and trinkets markets, someone will offer you some. As always , be careful, only bring the money you want to spend, and leave right after. If you know what island and city you'll be on I can direct you a little better as to where i've been. Hope this helps

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