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    Hi potheads, would just like to share my story. So, I had a seed I planted outdoors a while ago which turned out to be full hermie, I mean in the beginning she looked female but later on in flowering came problems with pollen sacks and nannars which I continued to pick off all the way through flowering until harvest time. This was my first ever grow so I learnt a few things which I applied to the plant which were Lst, topped all over once or twice, (can't exactly remember) and just basic fertiliser. (miracle gro) through veg and flower. This plant produced one ounce of bud which wasn't that much but was fully smokable and got us high as a kite. Good taste and no negative affects..just wanted to clear that up for the people who think you can't hermie bud..you can. It did contain seeds but hey weed is weed.. now for the interesting part. A few weeks later I saw a seeding from this hermie sticking up out of the dirt. Only one. So I decided to transplant in into a bigger pot outside. I've been caring for it now for months and funnily enough, it looks nothing like the hermie that it came from. This plant is absolutely huge, from what I can see full female, its been supercropped, topped, had molasses added and all sorts of stress put on it with no signs of becoming a male or a hermie at all as of yet. So I'm a little confused. Maybe someone can tell me why I've been so lucky so far??? I've heard so many negative things like hermie seeds will become hermie or male and they aren' t worth anything.. You can' t do this and you can't do that. Why are so many people lying? I've basically has to learn the truth for myself because internet is full of it sometimes. I hope people get some positivity out of this post.
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    A good take-away from your post?

    Don't believe everything that you read on the net.
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