pot made my heart race and sent me to the ER

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by onequickmove, Jan 16, 2008.

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    ok, so i'm a med patient in socal; i get very good med stuff, and i REALLY don't think it is laced, it is just very very potent, i have some jedi (some trainwreck cross, and a lovely daytime smoke), and some bubba kush (very very heavy, sleepy, and the only strain to bug me mentally so far: one time gave me a ton of depression/self loathing)

    anyway, so, one night i smoke the bubba and my heart races a bit; another time i smoke the jedi and it races a bit as well; then once i smoke (let me clarify: i'm using a vaporizer, the vapolution) and my heart starts really going; i ended up having my roomate take me to the ER; my heart was going 120 or so at most, and was over 100 for about an hour

    they gave me an EKG and everything looked fine, but the heartbeat was fast, the drug they gave me to calm it (adaran or something?) didn't do anythin, and they discharged me pretty quick, saying "that heartbeat is nothing dangereous, it's not that fast and it's regular; you just got some bad pot" (i told the doc i smoked pot, medically, and thus no entanglements with cops or any such (though i was freakin on the way in that they would call the cops on me, even though i'm legal in cali, it freaked me)

    anyway, i was REALLY scared; the funny thing is it didn't feel i was having an anxiety attack, though i guess it's possible i could have, i've been rather depressed and anxious lately, tough time in my life

    i really thought i might die (so maybe that means i was having an anxiety attack but it lasted a LONG time), but the reason was that my heart was really racing, and it seemed that it was just because of the drug

    so, this is a real bummer; i love pot and it's been very good to me previously; i'm a very casual smoker, but it helps me with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sleeping etc. but now i'm off it and bummed about that

    well, that's my verbose story; it was genuinly frightening; i'm 25 and i don't know if i've ever been that scared for my life; not even rock climbing some sketchy shit
  2. onequickmove

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    oh, and i smoked both types before and they didn't bother my heart then, so i again don't think they're laced
  3. onequickmove

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    oh, and another important thing: i've also been on vicoden lately for pain, and took a couple pills earlier that day
  4. Ganj

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    Probably the most important thing came in one's third post! Although you say you've been on it lately? Are you prescribed to Vicodin? As you probably know, that can very well be the cause of your anxiety-attack or you're a hypochondriac? You say you're twenty-five years old? What do you do for a living? Do you have many friends? Are you currently in close-quarters with someone you might consider friend? More importantly, how are your relationships with the people around you?
  5. WeedyBoyWonder

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    My cousin got extreme heart palpitations when she tried smoking cannabis the first time, which was enough to make her never want to try it again.
    Sometimes after I hit a really phat bong with scuff, I go extremely hot and for a little while after my heart rate is really fast compared to normal which if I don't prepare myself for it will knock me back a few steps and I need to just chill out for a min or two.
    I would suggest getting high gradually, I think that would stop your heart rate from going threw the roof.
  6. hatenme

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    damn that sucks, but weed does raise ur heart rate..
    you where just to high.. lol
    Kush fucks you up.. bubba is good but try some og kush!!!Heavy HIGh. just dont die though.. lol :Rasta:
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  7. wickerbill

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    It's people like oqm that give the anti-cannabis sect ammunition, did you tell the MD that you were taking vicodin? Do everyone a favor and stop using weed.
  8. FlyGuyOU

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    learn to focus and you'll be able to keep that shyt under control next time. similar stuff would happen to me, and likely lots others when i'd smoke a whole bunch of good stuff. then i recieved my jedi powers on facebook so its cool
  9. Markass

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    another 'marijuana induced emergency room visit' for the prohibitionists :thumbsup:
  10. Sir Bliss

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    I've been in somewhat similar situations, never that bad, but I understand what was happening. I would never tell anyone (especially a doctor) that it was 'caused by marijuana'. Not only does it give cannabis a bad name but it's just not true.

    Just gotta chill out man.
  11. Purple Banana

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    100-120 is not a seriously bad heart rate, especially because of cannabis/ect... While it's fine that you went to the emergency room (and no, they're not allowed to call the cops on you if you say you smoke pot), you really should sort out the anxiety and depression in your life. It can be really difficult, but it's worth it. I used to have anxiety attacks with only the physical feelings- butterflies in my stomach, adrenaline rushes throughout my body, and increased heart rate, while feeling no anxiety at all. It's a subconscious thing, I think?

    Try to get everything sorted out, and I hope all goes well with ya :)

    SMOKEnCHOKE Registered+

    I have had this happen to me years back and I have seen it. I remember when I first started smoking it was all good the the first time I got BLAZED with some people who had been smoking years. I smoked 3-4 blunts then noticed my heart was beating fast then I started thinking I was going to die. Another time I smoked out a friend who had smoked once before and he said "my hearts going to explode, and I'm going blind, call an ambulance." Another friend I smoked out who had only smoked probably 7-8 times said his heart was beating to fast and thought he needed an ambulance. After that it never happened to them again I think it was just there first time being really really high and needed to calm down, I know thats what it was for me.
  13. StickyfingahZ

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    I've had that before,But I dont go to Emergency Rooms.I have seen people come into the ER for using Marijuana and other drugs and thinking they were gonna die.
    I do agree though,it makes people who dont know much about MJ think it's bad.
  14. WeedyBoyWonder

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    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahah, best quote of a quote ever :D. inless they were being serious :stoned:
  15. denial103

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    onequickmove: cannabis does make the heart beat faster. It's said a good bit of cannabis makes the heart beat so vigorously it is equivalent to a quick jog..

    Perhaps the problem is paranoia and that weed is just damn good ;-) - and you're getting a work out!

    update: just seen you were taking other medicinal drugs, you know combining drugs can be dangerous; it's an ongoing research and I don't believe testing combinations of illegal drugs with legal ones is on the top of the medical association's TODO list!!
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  16. Ganj

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    I thought I was going to die like that once. Do you know what I did? I accepted it then I blacked out. I'm not even sure I'm alive to this day.
  17. Weedhound

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    We're still wondering as well.........:D
  18. Unknownfigure

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    onequickmove, I would agree with the others in that your Vicodin prescription had something to do with it. And if not that, I know for sure your depression did. Not too long ago was I going through a traumatic time in my life, I was extremely depressed and slightly worried about everyone around me. Mary Jane was the only thing that could keep me sane. Bud had helped me maintain my mind during this time. However, I am the type of person that thinks ALOT. So it was a mistake for me to smoke my own shit when I was alone... I started thinking bad thoughts. My depression kicked in. I felt like shit, and I started thinking everyone close to me was suffering because of me. I had basically a train of these types of thoughts. My own heart started racing, basically because I was overcome by my own emotions. Hoping to calm my mind, I popped a few pills(wont name them, don't want to be slapped with a drug warning). To make a long story shorter, I nearly committed suicide that night.

    If you have depression so severe it can lead to that, that is the probable cause for your heart rate. This effects your body in many ways, and when you are high, your thoughts govern how the high is, and have a say in what you feel. If you have scary thoughts, you will freak out. Your heartbeat will raise. If you feel like dying, the same will happen, mainly because you realize that it might be your last night to live.

    Of course, I honestly do hope your depression isn't severe enough to have these effects on you. Just listing a possibility... I know it can be a very dangerous thing, and I hope you can work through it.

    (Oh yeah, and it wasnt the weed that made me want to commit suicide, it was the pills. I had about three different kinds, one of which was a powerful antidepressant, ironically... So yeah, popping bars is not smart.)
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    FUNKNUGGET Registered+

    i remember this happening to me as a youngster.... the pot was called spacebud and it was too much for my young lungs to take and i freaked out for like 20 min but then i ate some cookie crisp and felt fine haha
  20. Dave Byrd

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    Not sure why the long post about Vicodin effects since that's available all over to anyone who can use Google.

    I'm here to tell you that cannabis causes sinus tach (racing regular heartbeat) in plenty of folks. We see the "weedbie jeebies" in the ER routinely when we're on call. So can Vicodin especially when people take too much of it or use it recreationally in large doses. Or when they combine it with ethanol or other substances that can do the same thing, like cannabis.

    If it happens again to you with a small amount of cannabis, OneQuick, try two things if your heart begins to race. Hold your breath briefly and strain like you're about to cough hard or push out a hard BM. (No need to cough or poop. Just make the straining movement with your abdomen.) Then release the strain and breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Inhale for a 7 to 10 second count through your nose. Exhale for a 7 to 10 second count through your mouth. Repeat that in-out breathing 20 times. It may be hard at first, but concentrate on that slow breathing. Then strain again and repeat the breathing cycle.

    Keep doing that till your tachycardia slows down. It will slow down, and even if it doesn't the tach won't kill you. You'll help yourself get more air as it's happening.

    That'll save you a $1,750 ER bill next time. Feel free to recommend this to your friends. It's our standard protocol for weedbie jeebie treatment in Plano, Texas, and I haven't yet seen an instance where it hasn't worked unless there are way too many other chemicals involved.

    This treatment may come in handy later, too, if you run across a woman--maybe your wife--having a baby the regular way instead of by Cesarean. Only they'll call it Lamaze breathing/pushing in Labor/Delivery. They'll charge you way more than $1,750 to assist with that, so both you and the mama might want to take those breaths together.
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