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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by True Religion, Jul 20, 2006.

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    I made a recipe for a wicked ass drink, but I have one problem: Sometimes it works, sometimes it *doesn't*.

    My sister wants me to make bottles of it and she said she'd sell it.

    Basically it's pot boiled with milk plus a few other ingredients...

    The problem I'm having, and am looking for help with is how do i get consistency with it? I made a batch for my sister and I, and we were on our asses for the whole day basically, but the next time I did it (identically), it DIDN'T work. The only difference I can spot between the first and second time is that the first time I burned alot, let it boil over twice by accident, and it was just overall a much messier process than the second time I tried (when it DIDN'T work...)...

    I chopped the stuff up nice and fine, put it in milk and boil it for an hour, stirring it as to not burn it too much. Sometimes I turn it down to a simmer, but It seems to me that a simmer isn't hot enough...

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    tnx :D
  2. The only difference I can spot between the first and second time is that the first time I burned alot, let it boil over twice by accident, and it was just overall a much messier process than the second time I tried (when it DIDN'T work...)...

    with that i'd say that you weren't using enough heat, boilovers mean heat, and lots of it, if it wasn't near as messy you obviously had to of used less heat (trying to stop the boilovers and whatnot before they even happened) or you used more ingredients the 2nd time, and thus need more heat, or seperate it into two batches or however many is needed.

    also what kind of milk are you using? i would imagine whole milk would be the best, since it does have the highest fat content.. did you use two diffrent types durring both proccesses?
  3. oh yea for the burning you need a double boiler, what you do is take a large saucepan (as big as you can find) and find another one that will fit inside it, but still has about a 1/2 inch all the way around between the two (i.e. you should be able to just set the smaller one inside the bigger one, and it should be far from 'snug') then you put water in the larger pot, fill it up about half way, take the 2nd pot and push it down as far as it goes in the large one, eliminating excess water (then you need to take out about another 1/4-1/2 cup) this means there's never any dirrect flame on your milk, there is only good ol' heat which is what you want.. the water in the larger pot will boil, heating up the smaller one, you need as much water in it as possible, without it boiling over the sides or into the pot your using to heat the milk mixture in.
  4. True Religion

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    I tried using a double boiler when making butter, and it *looked* like it did a good enough job. I may do that with my milk too. Is it hot enough with the double boiler do u think???

    I was using 2% Lactose Free milk. Not optimal, but thats what I had in my fridge, and like i said, first batch got my sister and I stoned for the whole day... *shrug*

    tnx for the fast responses! hehe
  5. Big Calhoun

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    Another thing you can do is watch the mixture as it's cooking and quickly remove the pot as the boil over nears the top. As it settles back down, put the pot back on the stove and repeat. This way you keep that fairly consistent high heat.
  6. True Religion

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    oh, almost forgot...
    this is not so much a problem as I think squeezing it out after works well enough, but it seems that my milk grows skin when i'm cooking it, and it doens't quite dissolve back into the milk... am i losing THC in this, or can I just wring it out with cheesecloth and use the liquid that comes out?
  7. jonny

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    Well, If you are gonna be selling it in several bottles, make several batches, and mix them together to make an average or "formula" and then dispense that between the bottles, that way even if one of the batches sucks, they will all be of the same strength.
  8. ThatTokenWhiteGuy

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    I'll take 3 gallons.
  9. daima

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    Right you are. too hot = no thc

    dai*ma:stoned: sfca
  10. True Religion

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    Too hot = No THC??? Doesn't it stay stable even when heated really really high? I think it does, if it didn't then how would a vapourizer work??? :s

    Yes, my special ingredients make it delicious... The end product is like a Starbucks iced mocha or iced cappucino that you buy in the stores... DELICIOUS! hahaha get's ya friend for at least six hours too, and longer...
  11. oh yes i forgot... if you get it too hot it will degrade the thc =/ you have to have experience with it, i guess and tinker to find the optimal heat, i'd say you'd want to only simmer it, not boil it... but i've never cooked pot so i'm just going by what i know about it.
  12. hookasmoka9

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    Got this from somewhere else but it might help u out. Also I'd suggest adding Heavy cream to the milk before you boil it, to increase the fat content. It also makes milk drinks richer.

    Spiked Milk is very easy,
    although a couple tips in case you do not already know:
    if using milk make sure it is full fat , the gay milk(Homo)hehe
    THC is going to migrate to the Milk "Fat" so skim or reduced fat milk will not hold as much
    The best would be Raw unpasterized squeeze the titty your self in a glass milk, but unless you have ready access to Raw milk, Homo is fine .. do not go order Raw Milk from a dairy farmer in Idaho off the net.. Now if you was making Cheese.. consider it.... but any way i am Rambling again lol
    for milk, the smaller the pot(the happy grass not the cooking vessel) the better:

    Chop small with chef knife.. lot of work ;)

    Coffee grinder OK.. unless it is super sticky..never put liquid in one to wash it out..experiance talking..no i guess inexperiance hehe

    Food processor.. Good can rinse with the milk..

    Blender.. Perfect can throw the milk right on the weed and hit liquify

    ok any way when heating the milk, it is better to steep it and hold it slightly before boiling,for 45 minutes to an hour
    got a thermometer? good temp.. 165 to 180f
    if not just heat it slowly till it gets to that point you know it is going to boil( steaming a little that sound the pot makes(now i am refering to the cooking vessel, the weed does not cry or scream like live crabs do hehe) then back the heat back a hair, milk scorches easily, Stir often , or constantly if you like especially when it gets hot
    boiling milk can scorch very quickly so it is easier not to boil it
    then strain
    I am not a big milk drinker..and do not know off the top of my head the amount of milk fat in milk or the actual amount of THC a measurement of milk will hold
    i will assume a quarter of Canna would easily work with a cup of milk,
    may be start with 3 to 4 grams(1/8..half of a quarter ;) with a cup of milk, and consume 1/2,unless you normally puff more than that, because we will assume you are going to get at least 80% of the THC and smoking it you lose alot .. your lungs can only hold it for so long lol and can only .. oh my rambling again lol
    so go from there
    would not be to hard to work out a ratio that works for you
    Although now i have this new unanswered question..
    and my Boredom is setting in, i may have to look into this further, i will post it on this thread if you really want to know check back ..
    I am not Big on milk but i do like Cheese..
    Now there is a idea..
  13. Blutak

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    Pot Milk(Cream)

    K, here's what you do.
    Get a quick read thermometer, or one you leave in.
    Get whipping cream, 33% or half and half, higher fat the better.
    Get a nice pot.
    Chop/Grind/Cut/Powder your bud (I personally use stem, cause I just save till i have a bunch n,n)
    Submerge material in cream, heat on low (bout 1-2 on my stove) with a lid, uncover and stir or cover and shake the pot to coat the material and dislodge the THC.
    Heat till 76c(168.8F), kill heat, cover tightly. 76 is the point where all the thc acid has turned to active, but some is starting to vaporize at this time, so we must cool it down/trap the airborne THC ASAP.
    Keeping the lid on TIGHTLY(if your lid sucks, take it off the heat, into the ice bath at 77c(170.6F) and pray for the best), let the heat of the pan bring it up to about 78-80c (172.4-176F), meanwhile prep an icewater bath to cool the pot, i personally salt the ice (just make sure not to get any in the milk =P) to make it go faster.
    Cool to 60c(140F) or below
    :hippy::hippy: Peace mine brother:hippy::hippy:

    Oh, dead post.
    OH well.

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