Pot Patent # 6,630,507

Discussion in 'Activism' started by dav zap, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. dav zap

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    Did you know that the US govt has patented pot? Google the patent number.
    Think of the legal implications, eh.

    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    for reals? ya know wouldnt doubt it if and when its ever legalized they will want royalties plus tax plus more tax and the royalties on the tax and tax on the royalties.....$3,000,000 a gram.:thumbsup:

    meded so you can mededitate to mededitate:stoned:
  3. mugenbao

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    It is an interesting patent, though it's not exactly a "patent on pot" as often claimed.

    The most interesting aspect of that, for me, is the fact that having such a patent assigned to the Dept. of Health and Human Services runs directly counter to the many lies spouted by the government about there not being any credible research demonstrating that cannabis has valid medical applications, and denying nearly all requests by researchers to study potential therapeutic properties.
  4. LLLou2

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    One of the many

    One of the many lies our government prohibitionists hide behind. How about the feds supplying Irv Rosenfeld with MJ cigarettes ,while at the same time refusing to remove Cannabis from schedule 1. Also our ( HA!,our) government continues to ignore Judge Francis Youngs recommendation to reschedule Cannabis.
    here is a link,,
    ,Francis L. Young
  5. Faddenator

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    Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants??? What?! So let me get this straight. The government makes all cannabis illegal, refusing to publicly state that it has any medicinal benefit... then they go and PATENT cannabis based medicine???

    Shouldnt we be fucking furious??? They are patenting something they arrest and imprison people for a on a daily basis. And guess what? once they hold patents on everything cannabis related, I bet they'll "start to realize" that it is beneficial!

    I think im starting to understand why its still illegal. They just want to monopolize the industry!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  6. LLLou2

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  7. Faddenator

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    more like a bomb, but full of anger :Rasta:
  8. WashougalWonder

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    So if the government can do it, it must be legal to patent? This could get into a real neat mess, trying to separate and file and patent all the phenotypes, genotypes, and subset species thereof.

    Edit: Admin should make this a permanent link at the top so we all can remember and quote this patent number as we work toward a reasonable legalization of this wonderful medicine.
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  9. mugenbao

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    You can't patent a plant

    Well, sort of. It's legal to patent a useful process or unique compound, independant of whether the subject of the patent is illegal. To overly simplify, essentially you are patenting an idea rather than a substance.

    You can't really do that with a patent, that's really not what patents are for. Simply put, you cannot patent a plant or variation of a plant.

    It's sad how many times I've heard "The government has a patent on pot" from people who really have no idea whatsoever what a patent is. My flatmate, for instance, continually confuses patent, trademark, and copyright rights, and clearly has no clue what he's talking about :)

    If someone wants to use the aforementioned patent in an argument for legalization, I'd suggest that they should have a sufficiently deep understanding of it, as well as the actual legal implications, before proceeding.

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  10. mugenbao

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    Obviously, it is possible to patent the process of using a plant extract to create a specific medicine or to achieve a specific result, though.

    It's hard enough to patent anything for medical purposes for all but the largest pharmaceutical companies without the additional challenge of the government proactively doing so while also actively prohibiting medical research.

    Fucking crooks, all of them.
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  11. tofit

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    Patenting plants is legal and has been since The Plant Patent Act 1930s. Oh wow, look at that. If your a history buff you should go back and look at everything that happened in that period. 1930s isn't that before we knew about DNA?

    Yes corperations like Monsanto and Dupont can patent plants, and they have been for a long time. You know cannabis wasn't the only plant outlawed in the US. The Native Americans had some very great strains of various colors of cotton that were pest resistant and more attune to the soil. These strains of cotton were eradicated when the new white strain of cotton was developed.

    There may be some connection between the plant patent act and cannabis.
    The Native Americans were advanced farmers, it may be that they were genetic engineers before biotechnology. Native history has some record of a "Mother Plant" I believe Cannabis is the "Mother Plant"

    The native's would use certain plants in their garden to ward off certain pests. Now in science we are discovering that plants communicate signals to each other and the organisms in their environment.
  12. WashougalWonder

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    I have bought patented roses, so I am not so sure that is a correct statement.

    Each and every genotype potentially could be patented, but would take genetic testing to be able to do so. Way beyond what my financial means will ever be.

    It is such an interesting topic tho.

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