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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by AmazingBlazing, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. AmazingBlazing

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    hey all. just wondering what you guys thought the ideal pot size for a SOG would be. they'd be under 400 watts. Hopefully i could get more than 12 under the light. Any advice is welcome. I was thinking 2 to 3 gallons, but hopefully 1+ gallons is enough as i could fit more in that way. thanks
  2. Scarlet Sky

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    i would think one gallon would be sufficient if you are turning clones over soon as they root... i've used quart sized pots and dixie cups; harvesting in a week or two...
  3. AmazingBlazing

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    alright. thanks for the input Scarlet. i would be using clones, but do you think it would be worth allowing them to veg for a week or so after they root in order to maximize the ol' yield to time ratio? also, do you think that a 1 gallon pot would still work if i veg for a week? Just checked up on your grow on the women's battle of the buds thread. lookin good. Anybody else want to throw sme knowledge my way?
  4. invision

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    I flowered a clone with zero veg time and she shot up to a foot and a half in 3 weeks so no veg time is needed.

    MULLETMAN Registered+

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    Hey Amazin Blazin, I guess I'm doing a sog grow. I started from 16 seeds and I now still have 15 and they are all females. Nonetheless they are in I believe 2 gal pots or something like that and I've got em stuffed under a 400 watters footprint. Things seem to be getting a little crowded and I vegged them very little 10 of them are basically 12/12 from seed. The tallest ones are maybe 18 inches or so while some of em stayed bushier than shit and short. Nonetheless I think 12 is a reasonable # if flowered really soon.http://boards.cannabis.com/indoor-growing/100945-did-i-start-my-12-12-early.html
  6. AmazingBlazing

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    thanks for the input guys. Those pics helped a lot MulletMan. Invision, what would you recommend for the pot size?
  7. dusto2k3

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    see my grow, i use 2 gal pots

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  8. Racerx

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    those are 3 gallon pots. smaller pots = shorter veg time. it is easier to get more weight off bigger pots, but if you can do it right, you can get the same amount using 1 gallon pots and flowering almost directly from clone. these plants were vegged about 5 weeks.

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  9. dusto2k3

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    Racer, is it me or does thazt room look ridiculously crowded?
  10. invision

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    i used 8" pots Amazingblazing she is week 4 flower but for some reason is lagging behind maybe she is just a slow learner.....
  11. c of green

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    i gallon pots flowered as soon as they are well rooted(2 weeksish) you should be able to fit 20-30 under a 400.they will still average around 18 inches probably and depending on genetics you should get anywhere from 10 to 30 grams apiece.
  12. Bocheef

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    I like to use 2 gallon pots. They take up about a 1 square foot, i pack 30 under each 600 watt HPS. Ideally you want to get 2 lbs per 600 watt light with optimal conditions. My clones root in one week and then I veg for one week, then go to 12/12. The clones are around 6 to 8 inches tall when I start 12/12. The ending height will be around 3 ft tall with each plant yeilding and ounce or more. Also I suggest using a super spreader for the lights. I just found out about this contraption that fits right underneath the HPS bulb. It really helps eliminate hot spots and also allows you to place the light closer to the plants. The only place that has it is the company in Australia. Alot of Euro growers use them.
  13. Racerx

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    mainly you. but that pic was taken right before the final trimming. a week into flowering we cut everything below the top canopy. there are only main colas. there is ample airflow through it, a stationary fan sits inside the canopy near the back to help move air under the canopy. produces about 2 pounds. the pic is a few weeks old. now that all the colas are developed its not crowded at all. I am converting all my soil grows into hydro because SOG are the most annoying thing to water ever.
  14. YASoob

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    i use 2 gal pots, under 1k watt. I only have space for 15. I think using 2 gal pots are sufficient enough. I go by the rule "1 foot per gallon."

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