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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by crucial conflict, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. crucial conflict

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    i've read a few threads about rootbound plant's. and i would like to know what would happen if i grew something like say northern lights in a 2 gallon pot for its whole life cycle. i know i wouldn't get the yeild i would've gotten with a bigger pot but would the plant die or anything like that.
  2. texas grass

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    transplant makes the plant grow healthier and faster and bigger, it is better to start small and go big when the plant shows signs of rootbound
  3. khronik

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    In my experience, pot size correlates with a plant's resistance to stress. If you grow in a smaller pot and keep your grow room conditions ideal, your plant will probably do very well. On the converse, if you put your plant in a huge pot, you can probably get away with less control over your environment without having it effect your plant too much.

    That being said, you probably won't have any major problems if you grow in a 2-gallon pot, but most growers prefer to spend a few bucks more for the extra bud. :smokin:
  4. stinkyattic

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    This is absolutely correct. And soil chemistry is easier to monitor in ample soil.
    Also, a larger pot with more space for roots means the plant can uptake more food and water and grow more vigorously, and ultimately support more mass, including bud mass.
    Allow yourself about a gallon of soil per foot of main stem on your plant.
  5. qdavid

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    I'm always sort of confused about pot size. They usually are sold in like a 10" pot. I use a couple 10" pots now. I think they're like 2-3 gals.
  6. Dutch Pimp

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    For what it's worth...I transplanted from 4", to 6", to 8" then 10" to start flowering. And harvested in the 10 inch pots.

    When I transplanted into the 10 inch pots: I cut away about half of the white feeder roots and sliced into the root ball, from four directions with a sharp knife. It's not something I recommend to everyone, it's a Dutch thing. Never lost a leaf, and looking at the roots at harvest, the girls wasn't root bound....:pimp:
  7. Villui

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    i only use 5 gal buckets for my plants
  8. HighTillIDie

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    ...minimum size for any herb plant should be a 2.5gal. bucket...

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  9. NorCalShooter

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    you guys use smallass pots. my minimum pot size indoors is 10 gallon and outdoors 20 gallon...maybe thats why my yields,plant size,potency,ect is always 4X everyone else......

    i grew an AK48 awhile back, started flowering it in a 10 gallon pot indoors when it was 14" and by the time it was done i got over 1lb off of it and it was 6ft tall.....go figure.
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  10. GetThisOrDie

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    from 14" to 6ft in flower? Got pics?
    Over 1lb from it? Got pics?
    4x everyone else? Got pics?
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  11. cowgirl1

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    There is a video on youtub of a guy growing outdoors in CA and he is getting multi-pounds of his plants. I made a comment on his plants and he was a real ass when you wrote back. I was shocked. But I guess some people are just jerks.

    However, his outside growing pots were freaking trash cans. I think I found the video by search large marijuana harvest or something like that
  12. NorCalShooter

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    yes, i can post some pix later this evening when i get a chance.

    ive used 30 gallon plastic barrels with the top 10" cut out of them, and filled with soil outside.

    multi=pounds arent anything new. i know one guy right this second who has 8 plants growing in 1/2 wine barrels in is basement that are flowering. each one right now has around 2+lbs on it, and they are still 3 1/2 weeks from cut and havent reached that last growth spurt yet.

    hell, these are flowering inside and ill get more than a lb off each one first part of august.


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