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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Punani Jack, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Punani Jack

    Punani Jack Registered

    Im trying to get my grow room stuf ftogether slowly and I need to get some pots.

    I plan to germinate my seeds in papertowels, then place them in rockwool cubes. After that I want to put them into thier final homes. What size net pots should I use? Please give me a size recomendation for 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft plants. I might want to grow bigger or smaller later on...

    Thanks! :thumbsup:
  2. LIP

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    Well, 2 - 5 gallon would survice.
  3. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    lol took the words straight from my mouth lol
    5 gallon would be better
    cheers all :)
  4. Punani Jack

    Punani Jack Registered

    oh sorry, I meant the size of the pot as in inch. or cm.

    Like would a 6" net pot work for a 3' plant?
  5. Lady Vapor

    Lady Vapor Registered

    The size pot depents on what kind of tomatos your growing and the correct amount of nuts, ph, and light you give it.

    I use 5 gallon buckets and in this last grow I started using big rectangular plastic containers from WalMart. I got clear ones so I had to spray paint them white on the outside.
  6. krustythfreakinclown

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    The rule is one gallon capacity for each foot of growth. So if you have a 5 gallon bucket, you can grow as high as 5 feet. I have 3.5 gallon buckets and the one harvest I did they grew about 4 feet.

    If you want to go any bigger than 5 feet, just plant directly into the ground.

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