Potent and Easy to Make....Hard Canna Candy....

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by CanGroIt, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. CanGroIt

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    Things you need:

    2cups sugar
    2/3cup white corn syrup
    1cup water
    1tsp flavoring
    Food coloring
    Hard Candy Molds
    Candy Thermometer
    Hard Candy Pot with pour spout - optional....will work with ordinary pot....
    Metal Spoon
    Cooking Spray
    And for this recipe - 9.5grams of dry Powdered Hash

    First you place the sugar water and corn syrup in the pot.... Heat on high until combo starts to boil then reduce to low-medium.... Keep an eye on the temperature.... Once the temp reaches 300 degrees, remove from heat and stir in the flavoring coloring and hash.... At this point you need to stir stir and stir very quickly to ensure the hash is mixed evenly.... I mixed for no more than sixty seconds because at this point the sugar is starting to cool and you don't want it to cool in the pot.... After the thorough sixty second mix, you pour the candy med mix into the molds.... But make sure you spray the molds with the cooking spray before pouring the candy mix.... Let them harden, then remove from molds.... Once completely cool, they can be stored.... IMO, individual bags are best for storage.... But to each his own.... Was able to make 42 lollipops with this recipe....

    The effects last 2-4 hours on an empty stomach and about 45min to an hour and a half after a meal....

    Just wanted to share....hope this helps....

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  2. s00thsayer

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    thanks for the recipe with specific amounts. i thought thc had to bind with oil or something so it could be absorbed when eaten. this recipe has no oil or fat in it, wonder how it works?
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  3. CanGroIt

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    It's as easy as putting it in your mouth....:eat:....

    But in all seriousness, they're bomb.... The effects are there.... Taste isn't that great but I didn't decarb either....not sure if it makes difference or not but I'll find out :food10:.... The one thing that I've noticed is that these lolli's make me sleepy about an hour or so after....or maybe I just get too comfortable after having one....but they do help me relax without smoking, that's for sure....

  4. painretreat

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    s00, I believe it would be the heat sugar, water and corn syrup. Making candy at 300 degrees will work! I use lollipops a lot! No one knows you are medicating and you don't have to make them too strong if you do not want.

    The taste isn't much different than the taste in brownies. I cannot get my sister to use medibles, she hates the mmj taste! I even made some brownies with mint chips in it, did not work!:( More for me!

    CGI thanks for the simple instructions! They are the 'bomb!' And if I were baked first, I would put, spray candy molds and pots first! Would look funny holding the kitchen pan like a sugar going around licking it all the time! lol :Rasta: pr
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  5. FriendsOfKat

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    Just a tip... you'd multiply the number of doses you get by at least three, but up to five times, by infusing your glandular material with oil first. :)

    Your body has a tough time absorbing cannabinoids all on their own without an oil coating to lubricate them, even if the hash has been activated or decarbed, and even if it's a concentrate and sticky or gooey. Nine grams of even low-grade hash should provide about 90 reasonably powerful doses if it's processed good enough.. when made with oil not only can one dose become four or five, but the experience will be much more pronounced from the smaller amount of material, and much longer-lasting (ie., you have the potential of remaining medicated until/through the following day).
    Just eating glandular material as it is with sugar, and without using a canna oil in your candies, or in the case of other edibles/drinkables, a glycerin or alcohol tincture, most of your potency goes in one end when you eat it and right out the other, without even being absorbed. Try coconut oil and hash in the oven for a few hours at 220 f. Your coconut hash oil is solid at room temp, and liquid at 78+ f, it's perfect for candy, and great for absorption of cannabinoids!



    This link might help;

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  6. CanGroIt

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    You had me at, "you'd multiply"....:jointsmile:....

    After reading this earlier, I went out and got myself two jars of organic coconut oil.... As soon as my new molds come in, I'll be trying your coconut oil hash baking method....and mixing it into my next batch of lollipops....

  7. williboy

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    I'm with CGI, you have my attention with the multipication part right away, but making first rate candies would be the "bomb" as they say now, jeez I sound old! But really a potent lollipop would be Great! Thanks

    GATXBUCK Registered+

    Looking for candy molds and loli sticks

    I want to make hard candies & lolipops this week and was wondering where to get the molds & lolipop sticks.I'm sure I could find them online but where would you go to get them locally?I live in a big city so i would think there has to be some type of buisness that carries candy making supplies but I have no idea where to start looking,any ideas? I would also appreciate any info on a good place/price to purchase online if any of you have found a good deal.I would normally spend a few hours searching the web before asking but I have 4 plants dried and ready for jars,roots to pull and dirt to sneak out of my apt...time to get toasty :stoned: & go to work.Thanx

    Could someone tell me the name of those bags that professional cooks use to strain with?
  9. tlranger

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    Cooking equipment supply store in the mall.

    GATXBUCK Registered+

    Thanx tl.No wonder I couldn't find it,Ive been in a mall once in the last 20 yrs...

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