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  1. ChronicMike

    ChronicMike Registered+

    I checked out the real broken lizards myspace and by the looks of things they are gonna make a potfest movie.

    i will mark the calender and count the days until potfest.

    at first i thought it was a joke.

    But its POTFEST.
  2. dejayou30

    dejayou30 Registered+

    that is awesome. i was thinking they should make a potfest movie when i saw the preview for beerfest.
  3. Its a Plant

    Its a Plant - - Moderator - -

    If Potfest is anything like Beerfest, it'll be an instant classic.

    When they had a little preview for it at the end of Beerfest, I almost shat myself.

    Willie fuckin' Nelson. ~
  4. pogmoasal1

    pogmoasal1 Registered+

    i bet they film in amsterdamn so they can acctually get stoned
  5. cavmanfotwent

    cavmanfotwent Registered+


    i read this-

    "There's one reaction to Beerfest we're surprised about," says Kevin Heffernan. "We're always asked, 'Are your going to make Potfest? It was just a joke. We really weren't serious about it until everyone said they loved the idea so much. A lot of people are really interested in whether or not we're going to make it, so we've been considering the potential for this. We're talking about doing something, but it's just talk right now."

    And one of the things they're talking about is making Potfest an animated movie.

    Heffernan explains, "It will, of course, be a sequel to Beerfest. But we're thinking maybe we might make this one animated. An R-rated, animated comedy. You don't see many of those."
  6. zane929

    zane929 Registered+

    that would be SICK, beerfest was classic. anyone ever try the beerfest drinking game?
  7. ryanses

    ryanses Registered+

    When i saw BEERFEST in theatres and the ending with willie nelson, i thought it might have been a joke too, but then i really thought there was going to be a POTFEST, glad to hear its coming out:thumbsup:
  8. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

    haha i was stoned when i saw that movie and i was just like SHITT! WHENS THT COMIN OUT (but no one was around to hear it...) good to hear it wasn't just a joke im psyched.
  9. streetsonlock69

    streetsonlock69 Registered

    dude ok yes they are actually making potfest..... and to reply to the guy about what the people from broken lizard that article was a llong time ago around right after potfest.... personally i think a cartoon with pot would b the dumbest idea ever.... they should make it real people with people like willie nelson, cheech and chong, somebody who is suppposed to represent mitch hedberg...... famous stoners
  10. wholapola

    wholapola Registered+

    That would be so awesome
  11. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    i can't wait! i hope they don't drop bombs on the stoner cliche tho, cause the last thing we need is more undeserved bad reputation.
  12. tootsie roll

    tootsie roll Registered+

    I fondly remember the days of weedfest and potfest in the MidWest.
    Such fun they were. Even the police were nice and would even light J's and bongs.
    Those were the days my friends.

    Now we need you young ones to start where we left off pushing for better laws. Especially for medical marijuana and small personal amounts.
    Write your congressmen/women and Senators and demand they work for you! Threaten to vote them out.:jointsmile:
  13. summerskye420

    summerskye420 Registered

    idk, ive been reading up about this potfest thing for a while.
    it really did start out as a joke...but it sounds like they are
    deffinatley considering making potfest a reality!!
    [we can only hope]

    btw, someone asked if anyone has ever tried the beerfest
    drinking games. i own the DAS boot. [it really does bubble! haha]
    so ive done that. alone with quarters. but thats all.


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