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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by headshake, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. headshake

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    i've been reading up on mixing perlite with potting soil. i see a lot of 3:1, soil to perilite, mixes. i was wondering about everyones feelings on the subject. i'll be transplanting here in a bit and wanted to get it right. thanks ahead of time.

  2. Dutch Pimp

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    I use 20-30% perlite/soil, in any given size pot....I also put a thin layer of vermiculite, close to the bottom of my flowering 10 inch pots.

    I use a $5 moisture meter to tell me when the vermiculite is dry. (cause, it holds moisture longer)...:thumbsup:
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  3. headshake

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    good lookin dutch. i have to do some dishes and clean up a little bit and then i'm gonna transplant.

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  4. sensilights

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    i've used a mixture of 3 cups perlite to 10 cups soil in the past and it seemed to work very nicely :)
  5. headshake

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    thanks sensi. that's about the ratio i used and it seems to be working wonderfully.

  6. DTRave420

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    My base-

    3 parts medium
    1 part perlite
    1 part earthworm castings
  7. headshake

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    dtrave, i might try to work in some worm casting next go round. i hear a bunch of people say that they like them.

  8. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Registered+

    Get em here-vermiculture.com

    Free shipping!!!:jointsmile:
  9. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Registered+

    Excuse this little bump but I forgot to mention 1 TBS of dolomite lime per gallon to this base...:jointsmile:
  10. PlainJane

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    Some people recommend to use less perlite/vermiculite and more soil to the ratio when you do their final pot up to flower. This is often and ideally done a week or so before switching to 12/12. I believe the reason for this is so that more nutrients are available to the roots. Perlite is great for keeping things airy in there but doesn't do a lot in terms of holding nutes.

    Everyone has their own way.
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  11. Dutch Pimp

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    I ass-u-me, that vermiculite at the bottom of the pot holding extra moisture longer, will also be holding extra liquid nutes longer?

    and I feed at the point of starvation
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  12. hippiebilly

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    Good stuff!

    We started using worm castings two crops ago... big difference in bulk! I'll take some "before cure" and "after cure" shots next time around. The shrinkage as far as volume goes is the least I have ever seen by a long shot. I found that the big name hardware stores have good deals... I paid $28 for a 25 lb. bag at a local grow store... it was like $15 with free shipping to the nearest store from the big name outfit for even bigger bags. Bought 20-sacks to last awhile. :O)
  13. Shovelhandle

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    worm castings are great to add to a soil mix. also makes great tea for vegging plants. Do not add any when the plant is in bloom. It's high in nitrogen and though the plant will stay nice and green and healthy, too much N during bloom is not good for the product.
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  14. Esteban1

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    Shov, correctamundo, Tea is great for a crop. As stated in a previous post grabbed a box of it (contains like 15 tea bags) & each bag makes a gallon. 24 hour brew & works like a dream! Perfect for vegging. When it comes to different recipes for soil we can discuss it for hours. Depends on what your rais'n, different strains require different blends IMHO of course. Personally keep it simple with 1 part manure, 1 part Canadian peat & 1 part perlite. But who am I, I'm Esteban, that's who! Still learning 'bout this Evil weed. It's a journey..... Enjoy the ride. Peace be upon you.

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  15. smello1

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    whatever happened to Headshake_?:(
  16. Weezard

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    He left Cdot in early 2011.
    Popped up on a couple other boards for a while but I haven't seen him posting on any of my boards for quite a while now.

    I kinda miss him too.

  17. smello1

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  18. WassupSmokey

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    Anyone tried nettle tea? Apparently boosts growth.

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