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    OK folks lets have a real honest chaat here. I know some like to get on here and bs and make everyone think they are gods gift to growing marijuana. But for once lets put all the bs aside and if we do maybe all of us can learn something here.

    We have all looked at the seed compaines and when reading there info they claim this seed or that seed is producing 500 grams per-plant while growing indoors.

    However, when you talk to 99% of the people that have grown these plants or have read REAL posting by honest people it seems the yeilds are averaging 2 ounces with 4 ounce being above average. However, the seed compaines as I stated above talk about 500 grams which comes out to 31 ounces.

    I am getting ready to start a new grow room. 10x10 with 2 1000w lights. Of course will have all the air flow, venting ect. I am going to limit my plant count in hopes of producing higher yields.

    Please if you are not hitting a pound or close to it PLEASE do not post. Let be honest here and we can all learn from each other

    So my real question is: Is anyone honestly getting the 500 gram per plant? If so please do share some insight as to how you are hitting a pound of buds per plant while growing indoors.
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    Now im not gonna lie.... This is only my 3rd grow and I have 8 in veg under a 400w Mh, 2 guarantee'd 2 females, (Clones), the others are unknow bagseeds. Will be changing light regimen and spectrum to 13/11 under 1000w Hps. In a about 3 weeeks. My first grow was a loss, and my 2nd grow was micro. This grow i have space and great lighting.

    From what I understand the more light the more the yield. I wouldnt go more than 10 plants under 2 1000w ers or light might not get to all areas of the plant. If there is any way you can add additional lights CFL or tube Floros for the walls, It would greatly bennefit your yield.

    Take a look at this thread lots of good lighting info and how to calculate your yields based on lumens.

    Good luck and I hope this thread helps: http://boards.cannabis.com/indoor-lighting/140735-answers-about-cfl-hps-how-much-light.html :thumbsup:
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    Hey cowgirl! I've known alot of indoor growers and have never seen one pull 1lb off of an indoor grow! Outdoor, absolutely....but indoor, nope! I think the closet was my ex, but he vegged them for a long time, they were trees by the time he started flowering. I think the MOST he got was 1/2lb per plant. But usually only about 1/4lb, and like I said, he vegged for a LONG time....making harvest even farther away!

    That's why SOG type setups are popular indoors. More plants, smaller size, and quick turn arounds. I'd say your average indoor plant is going to pull anywhere from 1/2oz to 2 oz. And that's pretty good. It all varies depending on strain and veg time....but in my experience, this is what I've seen.

    Also, I wanted to note that 500g is just under 18oz. I never say never, but it is pretty unlikely that is ever going to come off of ONE indoor plant.

    But on the bright side, with a 10x10 space and 2 1000w lights going....you can grow alot of plants and should be able to pull a very nice yeild! :jointsmile:
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    If your concern is pulling weight the you are much better off with a continuous grow/harvest setup that vegs for shorter periods and therefore reaches maturity faster. You need to run a veg room to maximize this setup whereby you are moving plants from the veg room into the flower room on something approaching a bi-weekly or monthly basis. And thus you are also harvesting on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Preferably you grow SOG or SCROG style, although SCROG would be labor intensive with a grow this size.

    It does take some time to get the cycles synced properly but once achieved you are off to the races. If you are running two HPS' then you could consider using one light for the larger / late flowering plants and one light for the smaller / early flowering plants.

    The yield per plant is a bit smaller because the plant size is smaller but you run more grows over time. More grows will maximize the weight over time. Even if you don't run the continuous grow method (i.e. you veg all plants on the same schedule) you are still better off running shorter grow cycles.

    Search for "continuous harvest" and you will find detailed setup advice.
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    The seed companies are saying that because they want you to buy their product. I came across a seed company charging 500$ for 10 seeds/ They also claimed a crazy high THC content, something like 50%. Thats fucking ridiculous and its all a scam.

    Have you ever seen any threads or grow logs bragging about 1 pound plants? No. Thats because even the most experienced growers on this site have trouble reacing those numbers. Outdoors, 1 pound per plant is definatly attainable. But indoors, I would have to see a grow log or pictures to actually believe it.

    If this is your first time growing, dont expect to yield very much.

    BTW There is sooooo muuuuuucccchhh more to getting 1 pound per plant than having 2000 watts of light. It would take monthes of veg time, LSTing, and topping.
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    Please Define Yield.

    The ad says plant will yield x amount. Gotta define yield. If you count stems ,branches, leaves and maybe even roots, sure the plant may "yield" a lb. But of course you get 4 ozs of smoke.

    You are right though. They are pulling numbers out of their ass.
  7. GetThisOrDie

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    Every seed ad ive seen states grams per m2... not grams per PLANT. Thats a yield that im sure they get from multiple plants stuffed into that given space. With maybe scrog and heavy lighting. And lets not forget that they make a living growing that shit so they probably can yield a bit better than the average joe. If you have a link showing your seeds with a yield PER PLANT and not a given area of grow space then please link it.
  8. SpaceNeedle

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    I've grown using 2 1000W HPS, 30 plants 4'x8' area, and have averaged 1 lb per 1000W.

    I've grown using 4 600W HPS 40 plants 7'x8' and have averaged about the same per thousand, maybe a little better.

    I only pick the shorter flowering periods, and flower 7 weeks. Hydroponics.
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    Theses numbers you see are with perfect/optimal growing conditions. Having the strain dialed into your grow setup. An indoors the weight is for a Square meter not single plant. That is the yield you can achieve if everything is perfect environment for that strain in a 10-11 sq. foot grow area. Keep in mind that theses breeders have they own growing skills down pack with their strains. Out doors you could pull a lb. maybe 2 off 1 plant.
    You will have to do massive training and a really long veg. to pull a lb off 1 plant imo. And after the time you are gonna spend you will be more efficent running a 8 week perpetual harvest. As you should start thinking the time you spend vegging and then flowering just to get a elbow from 1 plant it would be cheaper and more efficient to run multiple

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    the seed company adds are for yield per metre squared, ie 500 grams per metre squared , usually grown sea of green method ie 100 plants growing just 5 grams a plant in a metre squared ,and usually using co2 injection and the best of lighting , yields of one gram per watt of lighting are possible with the correct techniques ,ie hydroponics ,topping,training and sea of green , some guys even pull these yields in organic soil.......(vancouver sealed rooms)
    1000watts should be able to grow you more stash than you ever need
  11. throatstick

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    this is true....
  12. throatstick

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    but i have to disagree abit on the 1lb per plant thing.i have seen dudes pull 3,4lbs and i believe the most on 1 plant is around 6/7 indoors.this is with 3 weeks veg from clone to!!!but the setup cost quite abit more than most have starting off around 14 1ks and so on.the system i use is quite a bit cheaper and i can pull 2lbs off of 2 and 3 plant grows without really trying with 1 month veg time.which is an avg veg time for most.here is a pic of 1 i flowered str8 from clone well once rooted clone i'll say "about 2/3 days veg".just because type of thing to see what i could do with no veg time.

    ps and this is with a water problem"well" i have been fighting too so these are running at about 50% or less of what they should be doing...

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    sent ya a rep too....
  14. throatstick

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    opps thats 2 diffrent plants in the pics... the first pic i did more like a christmas tree type and the other one i trained abit diffrent.not really much training just a 1 time thing really.
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  15. WashougalWonder

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    The problem is space. To gain that kind of production the plant would have to be allowed to grow to full height. Takes up a trememdous amount of space.

    Conversely, I grow for myself and my patient. I get one plant out a week, average 2 oz. Split with both of us and it is just the right amount. That way I always have fresh medicine.

    It does start to deteriorate after a period of time, freezing is not good for it, vacuum packaging is best. So unless you smoke so much you will blow your lungs out in a couple years, or you are looking to sell commercially.

    The perpetual garden is the way to go indoors
  16. K1LLER

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    all the shops ive seen, doesn't claim 500grams per plant, its 500grm average per sqm..

    1 plant should have space of 1ft.

    1 m² = 10.7639 ft² OR 10 ft²

    3000 lumens per sqft,

    =10 plants with lumens of 30,000 of lights should yield around 364grams.. depends on the light, nutrients and whether the farmer is tight.

    but if some people here are saying 2ounce per plant, then it will yield around : 560 grams.

    so all figures are correct.
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  17. dopet4h2c0

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    take a look at shaggy2dope's grow he pulls mad buds like 2 pounds per plant with the giant 20 gallon bubbler system read it its on the bottom of this page im telling ya its sick hope that helps ya :thumbsup:
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    Dried and cured there is no one getting a pound perplant indoor. Otdoors? Absolutely its possible, but we're talking trees here no 3 foot indoor plants.
    The average indoor plant gets 2 to 5 ounces of dried and cured bud. Some people want to count the whole plant or the plant while its untrimmed.
  19. throatstick

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    i beg to differ sir,,,,these pulled 3lbs per plant indoors on 3 week veg.....not my grow but it is very doable if you have 15+k to drop into a room....

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    Wow nice bushes! Not only do you have to spend crazy amounts like you said throatstick... but imagine the monthly bill on super rooms like that. Yikes!
    I guess it all evens out since people like that are most likely selling it.

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