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    I never knew what good a PPM meter would do until i got one and used it just for shits and grins. I'm curious as to the ppm ranges necessary, or, are most beneficial in a soil/hydro system. I get my water from one of those windmill water stations and it test at 11 ppm. I mixed my amendents per gal. just to get a reading. CalMag alone, at 5ml/gal gives 240ppm, 7.5ml/gal - 340 ppm, 10ml/gal - 450ppm. Which level is best for early/late veg, early/late flw? Also the fets. FloroNova gives ppm near the listed ranges but my plants keep showing deficiencies and have wild ph fluctuations when i start at 6.2pH. I have a white widow (soil) that's 5 wks into flw and looks the same as it did at 3 wks. A white rino (soil) that's 6-1/2 wks and full of rusty spots. The twisted thing is that both plants get the same fert mix. What's the best ppm per amendment and at what stage for a soil mix and hydro? And what about adding hydrogen poroxide to the solution? Somewhere i read that the extra oxygen atom helped in a soil mix. Dose it do any good in hydro or does it do any good at all?
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    ok so you asked 3 or 4 questions about "what happens with xxxx in soil??" The name of this specific forum is Hydroponics. That is Hydro for short and no that doesnt mean that it is seedless and kick ass weed. If you have a hydro grow in the works then ask away and dont beat around the bush. You want to know about ppm's and that is good. Allot of peeps think more is better but that is not always the case. Different strains can handle stronger nutes than others. You say that your PH starts at 6.2, is that soil or hydro?? Also with the PPM questions you fail to state veg or flower?? Strain?? Age?? Temp and all the other important things needed to know to do a successfull grow. If you want answers then you need to feed us a lil more info. I cant wave my magic wand anymore to read peeps minds to find this stuff out since LEO took that along with anything green :mad:
    First advice I would give is to read the sticky at the top of the page named Latewoods Legacy. Happy reading and will be here to help as I can.
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    Why post the same questions twice

    To keep from posting the same ?'s in two forums i figured most HYDRO (that's short for Hydroponics. REALLY?) growers have the soil experience to offer some type of help without having to pick it apart. If you aren't offering any please allow some one else to do so. Like i did mention, i'm growing WHITE WIDOW (hydro and soil) and WHITE RINO (hydro and soil).
    The questions were:
    the ppm ranges necessary, or, are most beneficial in a soil/hydro system.(meaning both)
    Which level is best for early/late veg, early/late flw?(meaning both)
    What's the best ppm per amendment and at what stage for a soil mix and hydro?(both)
    And what about adding hydrogen peroxide to the solution? Somewhere i read that the extra oxygen atom helped in a soil mix. (the following is a hydro question) Does it do any good in hydro or does it do any good at all? Answer what you can and leave the rest
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    Actually, no where in this whole statement does it specify that you have hydro and soil going at the same time. You do specify soil but only ask about hydro......

    I thought you were only growing soil and were trying to attach hydro to it somehow....

    You should really try not to be a jerk on your first response to anyone because on the net, you have to remember, the author and reader could be thinking two very different things depending on how well the author spells out the situation.....

    tinytoon has a vast amount of knowledge with hydro, if anything, you want his responses. You should also read his sig, a lot of truth there.... (whispering) I think I should also mention that he is a little edgy right now due to the recent visit from LEO ( in case you haven't been paying attention). I'd be too.

    Anyways, to answer your question, ppm's should be thought of as a guideline of nutrient strength. You want to start off light and as the plant grows so should the ppm's in the water. These ppm's should be divided by N-P-K, micro nutes, vitamins, and if you want, supplements too. Example: clones should be in water with a ppm range of 250. After they root and you put them in their medium to veg, you can raise the ppm's to 3-400. Add 100 ppm's worth of recipe each week to build up the plants tolerance. The plants will let you know when it is too much once you give them more than what they can handle.

    This goes for soil and hydro, start off light and build tolerance.....

    As for hydrogen peroxide, I wouldn't use it but that's just me. If you want more oxygen in your soil, use more perlite. If you want more oxygen in your hydro, get yourself more airstones and another air pump....... Just my 2 cents....

    Hope this helps, if you have more questions, ask....

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    2 words .................................... Fuck It!!!!!
    I try to help and get picked apart every friggin time. I dont NEED to be here trying to help growers out, I got enough problems here at the house without trying to take on someone else's issues. Been a member since 08 with 22 times of joining into a conversation, yup you bring allot to the table. I'll be in the background, if anyone needs a hand just ask since it WILL NOT be volunteered anymore!

    Good job Seldomblue you just killed it for allot of people cause this job, yes it is just like work, dont pay enough. :angry3::postexcuseme::cursing:
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    It's really not that serious

    just a bit of a misunderstanding:thumbsup:. I figured it was self-explanatory since i posted in the hydro forum. I grow both which is why i stated "soil/hydro". I use FloroNova for both and mix my ferts the same way. I feed the soil twice a month and change out my hydros every week, but always use the same mix ratio based on age and cycle.

    I guess my whole ppm question had to do with total ppm ratio per amendment and total ppm outcome. For example, using 1gal water @ 11ppm. I mix 5ml CalMag, the ppm goes to 240. I mix 7.5ml of FN in another gal. of water and get 600 ppm. When i add 10ml of CM to the FN water the ppm goes to 900+. Should i go for individual ppm or total ppm?

    If the ppm with CM alone is 240, do i add ferts to raise it to 600 total or add the original7.5ml?
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    You want a total ppm, not individual.

    I'm currently having the same conversation with another grower. Go into the Plant Problems section and look for a thread " buds not getting as big as I think they should ". A lot of info there......


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