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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Mr Tweed, Feb 8, 2012.

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    A month ago i got offered a great job for an IT company. I was told i had to pass a background check and drug test. Knowing the drug test was 2 weeks away i stopped smoking, which i been a heavy smoker for several years. Im 28 5'8 175 lbs. Not a skinny guy but not a fat ass either. So i began taking Niacin everyday just cause i heard it helped as well as AZO cranberry, another thing i heard that helped. I aslo began increasing my water intake. I planned on diluting my sample but research told me i needed to worry about PH, creatinin and specific gravity. A few days before the test i upped my red meat intake basically eating read meat for every meal to help with creatine. 2 days before the test on my 4th void of the day i took a home test and passed. the day of the test I did everything i could to keep up my levels, apsrin. Vit b complex, niacin, tums, and gatoraid instead of water for sodium. Went and took my test on a thrus at 1:00. Piss was nice and yellow and i figured i was good to go. The following tuesday, i got my report from the hiring company doing my background check and drug test. Oh by the way it was labcorp 9 panel screen. I came up negitice on everything but the said my sample was diluted. Fuck me i thought. Apparently your not allowed to drink water at all, fuckin piss police trying to scam more moeny i thought.

    So anyway here is my question. I have not heard from the company i am trying to work at and i know they have my report. Do you think i will have to retest? Is the longer I don't hear better or worse for my chances? Is there anyway the company my not care that i was diulted? Is the fact that i have a medical condition that requires me to be hydrated gonna make a difference? WHat should i do or expect?

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    How an employer will handle a negative/dilute result depends on the employer. Some employers will handle it as a hunky-dory if they like you well enough, while others will grant a retest, while still others will move on to the next applicant for hire.

    FYI, niacin is an old myth. It does nothing to help pass a U/A. The same goes for AZO. Youve tested THC-negative because you have succeeded in reducing the concentration of THCA in your bladder by the water that youve consumed. The Niacin and the AZO had nothing to do with it.

    Aspirin is old tech. Back in the day, it was used as an interferant for only one type of test: the first-generation EMIT screen. Since then, a second-gen EMIT was introduced to counter the interference issues caused by aspirin. As a result, the first-gen EMIT is seldom used by the labs anymore (if, at all). This is addressed in the Dilution "sticky" thread.
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    I know i read about the asprin not working anymore, but hey its worth a try. i hate my current job and figured anything was worth at least a try. A bunch of friends said go the detox potion route, but i figured what i read on here was prolly good advice that i could do what they do without having to spend all that money. I read the dilution sticky several times and tried to follow it to the letter. Im really suprised i came dilute. I did all the steps to avoid that. I work at a BBq resturant and ate more red meat then i care to ever see again. Figured subbing gatoraid with all that sodium in it as well as tums would have made me all good for specific gravity. The vit. B comples gave me great color and I g\figured i was as golden as my piss was.

    The niacin was suggested by a friend, and to be honest if anything it did help speed up my metobolism, shit i lost like 15 lbs. I know there alot of stupid people who post on here just based on my hours of research. I beat a hair folicle test a few years ago to win custody of my daughter. Figured after that hell a piss test would be nothing. I would have almost rathered the hair test cause i know how to beat those, and there no worry about dilution on that one.

    I guess i just gotta wait and see. Fingers are so crossed on this one. I really need this job.
  4. Burnt Toast

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    This does not prove anything from an evidentiary standpoint. There is no evidence that niacin does anything to expedite THC unloading.

    What must be understood is that dilution is not a 100% sure thing. They can and will backfire if the THCA concentration in the bladder is too high. For most longtime heavy users, it would be virtually impossible to dilute that concentration enough without causing the creatinine and S/G to take a sharp nosedive and sending up the red flags at the lab (in which was the case with you, based on your account in your O/P).

    If you are granted a retest by the employer, consider substitution.
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    Eating extra red meats is not really creatine loading...

    You should have bought creatine monohydrate powder and taken 5 rounded TBSP a day for 3 days prior to your test. You would not have tested dilute. Upping red meat, for the majority of users, is not enough to offset the extra fluid intake that is suggested in the dilution sticky imo. It never worked for me at least. What did increase my creatinine level tenfold was doing the 3 day creatine routine.

    Also, why leave it up to chance? Buy strips on Google to test the levels yourself so you know where you stand. Just as simple as testing for positive or negative.

    If people plan to dilute it behooves them to also buy adulteration strips to see if they will pass SG and creatinine checks as well. Being negative is not enough any longer.
  6. Mr Tweed

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    Ok so i have a retest coming up, planning to dilute out of fear of observation. Went and bought creatine supplement from health store. Been taking 3 teaspoons every 4 to 6 hours, plan on doing it everyday until the test as well as following N2 dilution meathod to the letter again. IS that enough Creatine? SHould I be doing more? What are my chances of coming up dilute again?

    A dilute is a fail for me so i gotta get this right!!!!!
  7. webdox

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    I cannot tell you how much is enough for you. All I can recount is my own experience where I was taking roughly 4 tsp 5x a day. That's 20 tsp a day. You are taking roughly 9 or half what I loaded.
  8. Burnt Toast

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    How much creatine you need to take all depends on what your "baseline" creatinine level is before diluting - and each persons baseline is different - and you will not know what your baseline level is without testing your creatinine level with a drug adulteration test kit.

    Be noted though that there are no upper limits established for creatinine. As long as the creatinine level is above 20 mg/dL, its satisfactory. However, this does not mean you should go crazy with creatine-loading. Going overboard on creatine supps can result in long unwanted bathroom sessions, sitting on the toilet seat. :eek:
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  9. Mr Tweed

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    Ok so I decided to sub instead of dilute. It's killing me all the creatine. So I bought a product called urine well cause I don't have a clean donor. You guys know if that's a good product. It's all they had at my local head shop. Let me know what u think?
  10. Burnt Toast

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    Never heard of that brand. Is it already premixed and ready to go?

    If its premixed, and if youre unsure of its efficacy, you can always test it with the drug adulteration test kits (that Ive previously mentioned) to see that the creatinine, pH, S/G, etc. are all within acceptable limits. These kits can be found online and are inexpensive. Do a Google search for "drug adulteration test kits".
  11. Mr Tweed

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    I ordered some already, should be here Monday. I also just found a clean donor, if need be. Either way I think I'm solid now.
  12. Burnt Toast

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    If you end up going the clean donor route, just make sure the donor had not consumed a large amount of fluids prior to giving you the sample (to avoid another "too-dilute" result).
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  13. ogganjagrower

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    i think niacin is a bunch of bs
  14. Mr Tweed

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    Well I took the re-test. I used urine from my friend who got me the job. He assured me we will be all good. He has insentive to get me in cause he gets a bonus if I'm hired. I had him pee in a home test cup just to be sure and froze the cup for 3 days. I practiced everything from keeping temp, to how I would perform the act. Even timed myself knowing I had 4 mins to complete.

    Day of the test I started by getting my 3 pairs of briefs on as well as gym shorts, and long work out pants. I cracked open 2 heating packs and got them warmed up and ready to go, about 10 mins. I defrosted sample in the bath tub. Being careful not to let it tip over. It still had a cover but why chance it. I got enough defrosted to fill my 2oz bottle that came with the synthetic stuff I bought. Making sure to wash it out really good. I then took the bottle and ran it under a hot tap till it reached 105. Using the thermometer I bought. I then wrapped 2 heat packs around the bottle with electrical tape. And stuffed it in the "taint" area.

    I drove to the place, about 15 mins away. Checked heat strip in parking lot, 99! Perfect! I walked in presented ID. Only one women working. Different from the first one! Went in, emptied my pockets. She turns a really loud fan on and sends me in.
    I go in, remove sample,98 degrees. Perfection. I pour in cup while I'm voiding, something I practiced, and concealed the bottle once again. Walk out the room, she not even there. She in the hallway. Takes my sample, reads 96 on test cup she marks yes next to temp and I'm out the door.

    Pretty sure I got this in that bag. I will know about monday! So think my chances are good?

    Ps sorry for long post!
  15. 420gold

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    Way to go, Mr's in the bag!!!
    Screw the piss police..
  16. Mr Tweed

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    I got results back, a few days ago. Sry for the delay but I been busy getting ready to start my new job. Everything was clear on the retest. Now I get to spend 3 weeks in Georgia for training. And for someone who lives in a northern climate, Georgia in march is a good place to be. Thanks for all the advice!!!

    To be the man you gotta beat the man!
  17. Burnt Toast

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    Congrads to you on a successful sub and welcome to the Sub Club.

    Best of luck with the new job. :smokin:

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