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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by megatrip, Jul 29, 2012.

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    I've been a regular smoker of high grade cannabis for years. I stopped smoking for 8 months last year and started up again Aug. 2011. (Due to lots of stress). I've been smoking nightly since. I slowed down 3 weeks ago only smoking a couple bowls a night. I even smoked small skinny blunts per day for a week. I stopped for 5 days and then I got the call.. pre-employment drug testing required for a position that I absolute want and need. So after much research and discussion with friends, I bought qcarbo 32 w/ elimimnex max strength and tested myself at home using a first check test. I tested neg with a faint line. The next morn, I drank a bottle of water, drank 20 oz of qcarbo, drank 2 bottles of water and took a multi vitamin. voided a good 4-6 times. Took another at home drug test and passed with another faint (yet slightly darker than the previous test) line. I immediately bolted to the testing facility for the UA. I dropped urine on thurs morn. I heard back from the company late afternoon Friday stating that they have to move my start date back a week because they have to work on my computer. In addition, they are still doing the background check. Does this mean I passed the drug test?? I'm freaking out!!!! Although I know no one here can tell me if I passed, can anyone give me some insight into this??? Any advice is appreciated.

    PS: It was a split test. i'm wondering whether they are lying to me about the computer thing and whether they actually had to send the 2nd sample out for further testing.
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    Don't see anything alarming in what they did. I would just check with HR next week and see if the start date is still good. They'll let you know at that time whether anything came up on the drug test. Just don't mention the drug test.
    I don't like these detox drinks. They're ver6y unreliable and mainly work by dillution. Which can work for some light smokers. But for heavy smokers they usually don't work.
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    thanks. helps a bit to calm me down. i'm not sure how to classify myself i.e. heavy or moderate user. i keep reading so many threads and so many people are against the drinks. just wondering why? for every entry I read that supports the use of drinks, there are others that talk so badly about it. any insight into this? seriously took 2 at home tests after drinking my potion and both read neg. just wondering now how reliable those tests are. these pre employment tests for thc are f'n ridiculous!
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    That because they are a big scam to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs" by preying upon the uninformed and credulous and taking their cash. Cannabis users are victimized enough by the so-called "war on drugs" without these vulturing scam artists swooping down into the mix.

    ALL detox drinks work via the principle of dilution regardless of what those sales pitches would like you to believe. Anytime you consume fluids, you are diluting the THCA concentration that is present in your bladder. You can spend huge sums of money on a magic elixir, and accomplish nothing different that what can be accomplished by using just water and vitamin B2.

    It must be understood that all dilution techniques (including the magic detox potions) are temporary - once the fluids ingested had all been urinated out, the bladder is replenished with fresh THCA-laden urine, and thus the donor would resume testing positive for THC. Therefore, dilution techniques are good only on the day of the U/A.

    Many of these detox potions boast about containing creatine. What they dont tell you (perhaps in an effort to not "blow a sale") is that it takes 2-3 days for the body to metabolize creatine into creatinine in order for it to be present in the urine. Therefore, the magic potion will do you no good in the creatinine dept when it is consumed on the day of the U/A (in which the instructions require to do so). Any creatine-loading must be done 3 days before the scheduled U/A.

    The topic of home test reliability have been addressed and answered many times throughout the forum. They are all found by utilizing the forums Search button, with the terms "home assays reliable".
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    BT- very information.. thanks.
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    Just wanted to let you all know that I passed. thanks for your support

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