pre-employment test is non-regulated?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by keebler1, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. keebler1

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    I got my sheet to take a pre-employment test this week which includes a physical exam and back x-rays. In the substanc abuse area it has non-regulated checked and i was wondering if anyone knew what that meant. I have my qf ready but is that going to mean multiple tests?
  2. killerweed420

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    I would think nonregulated means not observed.
  3. ldg420

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    that would be my guess as well, you should be set with QuickFix...:stoned:
  4. rarebud67

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    Well, haven't toked all weekend killer.......::(: Ill probably find out Tuesday when the HR man returns to work if the QF is the real deal. I'll keep you updated......
  5. FakeBoobsRule

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    I was thinking more along the lines of DOT and non DOT but I've never heard that before. I really don't think it has anything to do with observed or monitored because that usually requires more explanation than a check box and they don't mix those terms up with simliar words, it's very black and white with the terminology. If it's pre employment you know the deal, unobserved unless you give them cause. If you're diluting, you know what to do. too
  6. slantedeyes

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    My ua was non-regulated also. It was a 10 panel test from Concentra and had a MRO doctor name, address, and phone number on top of the form. My test went to a MRO whether the test was positive or negative. FBR will tell you different that a MRO only checks positive results but that is not the case for non regualted with full MRO review. It even said on my form non-regulated 10 panel with full MRO review for positive and negative results. By the way I passed and it was not observed. Good Luck.

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