Pre-flower and Flower question.

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by smalltown, Jan 24, 2010.

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    How do you tell when a plant has transitioned from pre-flower to full blown flower?
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    I am guessing most that read your post are wondering how you log onto the internet without help..... And still I am thinking that a sexually mature plant showing preflowers is just that....One that is fully flowering under a vegetative light regimen would generally only happen if it had Auto Flower traits/genetics. So if your going with a 12/12 light schedule then you would see actual bud growth not just the sprouting hairs indicative to sexual maturity. Are you trying to ask something else but it came out wrong, or just having a moment?
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    I knew I would catch flack for that question. I know what pre-flower and flower are and what they look like. I asked that question because I've been looking at nutrient feeding schedules. I was wondering about the switch from vegetative feeding to bloom feeding. They say begin feeding bloom fertilizer when flowering begins. What I really want to know is if full blown flower is considered the exact moment that more than pre-flowers are visible.
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    Hey awesome you finally put together a sentence that asks something understandable! You could start using bloom formula like Tiger Bloom "just an example" maybe the week before you switch your light cycle. Preflowers indicate maturity not when you have chosen to flower that is up to you. Don't you wish the edit function lasted as long as the buzz does on here...:thumbsup:
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    Funny that you mentioned the editing feature because I looked for it and realized it was gone so I had no chance of erasing the stupidity I displayed earlier :wtf:.

    I'll be growing outdoors so what would you recommend there. Most places I've looked site that flowering usually occurs around 1 to 2 weeks after pre-flowers show but the same articles are talking about indoor growing so I'm not sure if this is reliable for outdoor. I could be wrong but I don't think my outdoor plants flowered that quickly after pre-flower last year.
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    Outdoors is still using light when your hours of light start diminishing closer to 12 hours then I would say use some bloom formula. There are soo many variables that without strain specific info and growing area info it would be hard to guess, but you cannot go wrong really with giving it bloom formula a tad bit earlier then needed just don't over do it until you can see bud growth/sites throwing hairs like nobody's biz.
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    I am guessing most that read your post are wondering how you log onto the internet without help.....

    hahaha...a little harsh but still funny! :)

    Flowering to me would mean the moment you switch to 12/12 cycle. Outdoor is a little trickier because you have to go when nature says so. I'm used to controlling my nature! Anyways, frosted wonder is giving you some good advice. Good luck to you man!
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    I wish when people read anything I post to read it while smiling cause that's about how I feel when I post things, nothing personal just being me a mixture of nice guy mixed with smartass/dumbass...
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    I expected the first comment to be way harsher than that but you took it easy :thumbsup:. I appreciate the advice. I think I need to find the nutrient makeup of the fox farm nutrients. I think I remember reading that plants need more nitrogen during the vegetative period and more phosphorous during flower. I guess if a nitrogen deficiency popped up I could mix a little vegetative fertilizer in with bloom fertilizer to correct the problem?
  10. frostedwonder

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    Yeah if you were doing the grow indoors using the Fox F trio and read the feeding sheet it does a boost of N in the 5th wk of flowering. Outdoors doing it guerrilla style I use time released packets that feed for 3 months and 9 months and they are a mixture of flowering packets and general nute packets then I dig a big hole and fill it with almost 40 pounds of soil mix, then I visit rarely until harvest or drought.

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