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    read this in a book and thought it may be intresting to some who are new to growing.
    Pre flowers
    are the first indicatoin of a plants sex.The pre flowers grow at the plants internodes(pic 1) just behind the leaf spur
    or stipule abot the 4th week of vegative growth.When the plant is 6 to 8 weeks old.This is the point of sexual maturity,the first
    sign of a plant is preparing for flowering the next stage in life.
    You can see pre flowerswith the naked eye or with a decenty 10 to 30x magnifying glass.You can accurarely determin plant sex after 8 weeks using this method you can tell sex befor starting flowering.
    male pre flowering
    Male pre flowers are normaly visable.when plants are 6/8 weeks old .After about the 4th week in veg thepreflowers emerge from
    behind the stipule at the 4th or 5th branchinternodes and genraly dont turn into full flowers but can develope more mateure staminate flowers after prolonged periods of veg growth.
    always wait to induce flowering until after pre flowers appear.Inducing flowering with 12 hours of uninterupted darkness and 12 hours of light before pre flowers develope will stress the plant.this stress could cause peculuar growth and the plants could turn hermie.
    Inducing flowering before pre flowers appear will not expedite flowering.In fact flowering will occur about the same time as if you had waited for pre flowers to show.Plants grown from seed under a 18/6 day night photoperiod will genraly show pre flowers plant that are givin 24/0 day night photo period.Once prte flowers are distinguishable as male or female.plants can induced to flower with a 12/12 day night photo period.
    Do not try and sex a seedling based on the very first pre flower .Wait andmake sure.The time between using a 25x (loupe) to spot the very first pre flower and the plant dropping pollen is about 10 days away so it is safe.
    male flowering
    when given 12/12 day night photoperiod male cannabis reaches maturity and flowers 1 to 2 weeks before females.However male plants do not need a 12/12 day night photoperiod to dawn flowers and shed pollen. males can flowe under long days and short nights as well but the genralty produce fewer flowers.once male calyxes show pollen developes quickly and can desperse in a very short time.There is always a early opener that sheds pollen often withinh 24 hours or less!To avoid p[ollinatoin problems remove the male plant as soon as possible and if growing male plant always make sure they are isolated from the female plants.
    Males continueflowering and shedding yellowish dust like pollen from their bell shaped pollen sacks well into the female flowering stagewich insures pollinatoinIf you are making seeds,Pollinating femaled to earlie(before the girls have developed enough receptive pistels will result in a small seed crop.
    male flowers are aone quarter inch (6mm)long and pastell greento yellowish in coulor malwee flowers first appear at the top of the plant.the pollen sacks develope on short spikes and hang in clustersat the base of the branches
    .Males are taller than females,have stout stemssporadic branches andfewer nature wind and gravity carry pollen from taller males to receptive females.male plants produce fewre flowers than females,males also contain less thc and overall lower cannaboid levels.
    males fertilise females causing them to stop HIGH thc productoin and start seed formatoin remove and destroy males exept those used for seed productoin as soon as their sex has been determined the instant they show sex seperate the male plants used for breeding and destroy the rest DO NOT LET THEM SHED POLLEN premature pollen sacks often form and open earlieor are hidden in folage and go un noticed until its to late
    Growers have noticed that bouncing about the photoperiod and raising and lowering the tempature can have the affect of producing more male plants
    Near the end of the vegitative growth.plants grown from seed develope pre flowers.This is when female calyx formatoin
    initiatesand it is notcontingent apon occurs when a plant is old enough to show signs of sexual maturityabout the fourth week of vegitve growthor 6 to 8 weeks from germinatoin. The pre flowers emergebehind the stipule at the four to fith branch internodes. A pre flower looks like a regular female flowermost have a pair of long fussy pistils.Pistilsform after the light green seed bract part of the pre flower has formed.Wait untilpitils have formed to isure the is a femaleand not a male .The pre flower stage lasts from one to two weeks a little patents is in order now.
    Plants grown from seeds under a 18/6day night photoperiod will usualy show prenounced pre flowers before palnts given a 24/0 day night photoperoid and under a 18/6 regmen preflowers show more quicklyand are often more prenounced.Oncepreflowers are distingushfull as male ar female plants can be induced to flower with a 12/12 dfay night photoperiod.
    Always wait to induce flowering after pre flowers appear

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