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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by milkweed, Jan 9, 2008.

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    i was wondering what prices medical grade hash is going for at people's local dispensaries. full melt goes for $40 a gram here. the reason i ask is because i, like so many others who have recently harvested i have far too much seived keif. i cant's smoke a lot of it because it sends me into space, whole days forgotton in clouds of blue-white smoke. i figured i'd either press it into pucks or make it into hash oil. people get rejected by dispensaries because their hash is too green, or the keif scene is flooded by the outdoor scene. i'd bet some dispensaries could and would make cannafood with low grade keif and some might like to smoke the higher grade. do people actually buy hash at dispensaries anyway?

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    In lake forest california...20 a gram... they call it full melt. I think its 1/2 melt... hot that bad tho!:Rasta:
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    Many dispensaries sell hash. Most dispensaries are merely merchants and buy their edibles from vendors, not make stuff themselves. In any event, if you think about how much bud is handled and packaged there, a D could probably have more kief than you or I ever dreamed of, just from what falls off the buds as they are handled.

    Dealing with D's is kind of a PITA. They won't talk business on the phone and, when you go in, they want you to register, wait while they verify your Rx, then you talk to some clown who just works there, doesn't make buying decisions and just wants a free sample of your wares. If you want some solid info, your best bet would be to call a delivery service - they are more willing to discuss business on the phone.

    PC :smokin:
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    Just keep it for yourself.
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    Use it for edibles, experiment with it. Make a green dragon. I wouldn't mess with trying to sell it period. You are already ahead of the game if you have enough for yourself!
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    sage words pharmacan, it's amazing what collects from handling a stronghold of cannabis. especially when everyone collects the trim and takes turns keifing after each days work...

    experiment with it i have, maybe a little too much for personal consumption. plus as a med patient who doesn't need the heavy hitting pain killer, i'd think those who really need it would benefit more. besides, its never a bad idea to develope a good relationship with those running dispensaries...
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