prices u get in orlando area

Discussion in 'Florida (FL)' started by wasabinick, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. wasabinick

    wasabinick Registered

    hey everybody i live in orlando area and i was just wanderin wat u get ur prices at? this is for me.
    reggies-10/dime etc. than 50/0z
    crip-25-1/8 etc. 200 for the half Oz 350 for the oz
  2. weedheaduknow

    weedheaduknow Registered+

    $50 bucks an oz is cheap as hell, u must have the hookup, but from what i've had here in florida, i'd probably have to smoke up half the ounce to feel anything.
  3. lazy smoker7

    lazy smoker7 Registered+

    dam u got good hook ups.. 25 for an 8th of crip is good in orlando.... dont live in orlando no more tho....
  4. weedheaduknow

    weedheaduknow Registered+

    i still feel sorry for u florida smokers, cuz the shit here isn't anything like the west coast. but i guess i shouldn't complain, its better than nothing.
  5. evlme2

    evlme2 Registered+

    Wasabinik: Im from orlando to. I just picked up a 1/4 oz of white widow for $100.
    White rhino from the same dude is $90 1/4 oz ,and BC bud is $100 1/4.oz. Dirt weed, about $180 1/4 pound.
  6. smokinballer

    smokinballer Registered+

    I agree with this whole post...I got a half O for $50. It also took a shit-ton of that scwhag to get a buzz going.

    Where da dank at?!?!?
  7. cidblaine

    cidblaine Registered

    i can pick up crippy for $275oz but never come in contact with anybody holding regs/schwag... match anyone??
  8. SmokinAce23

    SmokinAce23 Registered+

    $275 an o is nice. Friend of mine just gotone for $340. Smokes good though.
  9. 420JAKEEE

    420JAKEEE Registered


    WuTzzzUp guys how'z ever1doing? CDBLAINE 275 is a good price for sum seedless goodygood&yeah Im down2MATCH on blunts or Bong&bowl packs lol als wud LUV2get the low down on LOW PROICES lol
  10. Towelie

    Towelie Registered+

    I want what hes smoking:Rasta:
  11. Towelie

    Towelie Registered+

    Looking to meet up with peeps in casselberry hit me up on Aim.
  12. jordi621

    jordi621 Registered

    hey looking to meet smokers in orlando
  13. GreenLeaf420

    GreenLeaf420 Banned

    Florida is the HAZE State...

    All the HAZE in NY comes from FL!!!

    NYC 1.8 grams $50.00 Delivery Service Prices
    OZ $500-$800 Delivery Services
    QP $1400-$1650 Delivery Services Pay
    P's $5000 and UP UP UP Delivery Services pay

    We have our share of B.C and Import stuff ranges from $3200 and Up Up

    Regs $950 Up a pound-Oz $125+

    Don't forget your wallet when you come to NY but carry your cash in your front pocket....

    In Harlem SI and BK they sell Dimes of HAZE that are .3 of a gram... I've seen people roll blunts that have .3 in them LOL w/ 3 heads on it....
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  14. Towelie

    Towelie Registered+

    That would suck ass
  15. cheesey29

    cheesey29 Registered

    yo, i'm flying down to orlando with my friends next week. and we're looking for smokers. hit me up

  16. Towelie

    Towelie Registered+

    Wow 1st post how did you find this section I must know?
  17. aborcrmbe2

    aborcrmbe2 Registered

    New to Orlando, lookin to meet new people
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    FLORIDA MON Registered+

    BUMP - I can't even find it half the time and I've been around for years.
  19. jtonnnn

    jtonnnn Registered

    help me help you

    :Rasta:8th/week smkr lookin for the hook^
  20. jtonnnn

    jtonnnn Registered

    help me help you

    new to the area(orlando) from by east st louis from mississipi :wtf:pride bud

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