Private 1 on 1 Grow classes in Albuquerque !

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by olliegrow, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. olliegrow

    olliegrow Registered+

    I'll be at the Expo teachn grow classes, peace
  2. ManOBuds

    ManOBuds Registered+

    Didn't see you there at the Expo......
  3. olliegrow

    olliegrow Registered+

    Oh yeah I was there at table 52 with bentley glass, hes a partner that makes custom glass only for patients, we did pretty good at the expo, still doing grow classes from the expo.
    what people dont realize is its very hard to pull a good harvest down without learning how to grow. Ive got so much grow lights and stuff from people who gaveup on growing
    because they didnt know how time consuming it is, well now they are buying medz from $10 for the cheap crap or $15 for the real dank, from despensers !!!

    You make the choice, grow it with ease with my classes OR pay out the ass and wait for your medz from the despensers.....
  4. alfonso2002

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    olliegrow your right it is VERY hard to pull down a good harvest. And there are a lot of people that no matter how good they learn they will never be able to do it. I just want to say to those that want to start growing there own think before you try to do any cannabis growing Because you will have to make a good sized investment if you expect to pull down those good harvests.And like olliegrow says it is very much of a time investment too.P.S. just got a newsletter from one of the producers and they have some meds priced at $8.00 a gram. Now if only more producers jump on the bandwagon we are in business.
  5. Armando1996

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    Hey please get in contact with me I live in Roswell NM I would like to get some information on future classes in the next few months i also want to buy growing material I don't know if my email is on here but it's
  6. Hellraiser78

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    Hey man Im interested!! I cant send you a direct message. My email is:
  7. Juice13

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    Hey Ollie I looked you up on Craigslist ABQ, couldn't find ya. Looking to improve my green thumb. Can't you help me find you.

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