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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by drew2420, May 26, 2006.

  1. drew2420

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    How do random probation drug tests usually work? Do they typically give you a week notice that they want you to come in for a drug screening or do they just like call you up one day and tell you to come in that day. I'm new to this and not sure what to expect, maybe they wont even ever screen me i dont know. Thanks
  2. Rebel24

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    neather when u go in thay can give it to u and sometimes thay dont and in some states thay can come to your house and give it to u
  3. Chaos

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    hey well ive been on probabtion for about 9 months now...have 3 left....the way my piss tests work is when i used to have to see him every week he would piss test me like 1 every 4 times....then now he does it every 6 weeks.....just when u go to the meeting....when he calls u in he'll prolly just say drug screen....then u go to the bathroom and in my case pee in a cup...but my PO doesnt stand in the room with me thank god.....
  4. Taylor.

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    i was drug tested one time in the year i was on probation

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