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    Hey peoplee this is the deal i was put on probation for weed and now i have to get pee tested every other week on thursdays. So im getting drug tested this week then next week im smoking on monday cuz im goin to cypress hill concert in the city and i have to get stoned their it will be tight. Then i have bout 10 days to clean my system. I've been looking through this forum and found very many useful things like drinking water.. cranberry juice... takin niacin, and vitamin b12 to make my piss yellow. But does all this stuff work on PROBATION DRUG TESTS? i really can't fail this test. So can somebody give me a step-by-step procedure on how to pass a probation drug tests. Cuz i want to get back to gettin blazedd :) hah and don't say just don't smoke.. this is not an option :Rasta: :jointsmile: :Rasta: peace thanks for tha answers
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    Good luck bud, I got no sympathy for you if you fail. Know when to stop, if it's for a whole year then so be it. Don't be a dope, dope.

    I guess getting high at a Cypress Hill is worth failing your test and going to jail for it. Later.
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    alrite i just decided not to go to the cypress hill concert on 4/20 no biggy. so i passed my drug test :). Im just not gonna smoke for 3 months. sucks its goin into the summer but its not really a problem. peace. and also is it possible to be let off probation early? peace im jealous u guys can still toke :Rasta:
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    Question: What is your smoking history? Did you do anything special to pass that test?

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