Probation in Livonia, MI?

Discussion in 'Michigan (MI)' started by NeedToPass, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. NeedToPass

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    Anyone familiar with the process of probation random testing? My brother was supposed to go today for his random and has been clean for 25 days but his system is still not clean. He is not going. Anyone know what the consquence will be for missing his random? This is his first time.
  2. Psycho4Bud

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    NOT GOOD depending on the P.O.! I'd tell him to take a tablespoon of vinigar and go in.....that could very well do the trick with that long of a span of time.

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:
  3. swanman8907

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    Terrible idea. If he hasn't smoked in 25 days just tell him to drink a lot of water, take a B vitamin and go piss. He should be fine.
  4. Struck420

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    yeah not going to probation is pretty bad they will think hes hiding something but 25 days should be fine if hes been drinking water and sweating alot or if hes skinny ive heard that helps (fast metabolism)
  5. Comatose

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    Sorry for double post, look below :)
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    No, being fat stores THC molecules in your cells. Skinny people can't store near as much. Metabolism would come in to play when you are trying to burn off those fat cells.

    I never advise to miss PO meetings or drug tests. You are more likely to be offered a retest in another month if you are honest. If you lie and don't show up, you are just feeding the fire.
  7. ToDrunkToFish

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    Depends on your P.O and his situation and past record.

    Im not far from ya. One time my friend missed and had to do Community Service for a day. One other friend missed and had to miss Vacation during Thanksigiving to test twice almost every day Thanksgiving break. And one missed, but also like his 66th time. Went to jail.

    So depends on his past record, been clean or not. And your P.O
  8. HyeLife

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    I hope he just went and dropped...

    ...because from a fellow on probation to another, it's hardly worth the consequences to miss a testing. They pretty much feed you to the lions for that. My P.O. suspected I missed one a month back, and she almost sent me before the judge before she finally realized that the paperwork had just been mixed up! And that would've been my first time missing!

    Rule of thumb: Test no matter what. ALWAYS!

    - HyeLife
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    Try and come up with a believable story. Go to the doctor and tell him you were sick that day and you need a note. If you miss for a medical reason, they probally will let it go the first time. Livonia is fucked up when it comes to shit like that, so if he doesn't come up with a good excuse, they might make him do a couple days and still finish probation. Honestly my advice is to say fuck your probation and do the time. If its from simple posession, he'll probally end up serving 2 weeks, maybe less. I said fuck the probation in Farmington Hills and it was a holiday weekend when i got picked up so I did 4 days at OCJ before court and I ended up getting sentenced to the 4 days of time served (no more probation). 4 days OCJ or a year of piss tests....who wouldn't take the 4 days....I'm not saying everyone gets 4 days....I think they also took into consideration the fact that I had become a legal patient since my arrest and that my probation costs were already paid. All they care about is your money. If you can't afford there costs, they throw you in jail just long enough to teach you a lesson, then they bill you for your jail time. Not too many educated people honestly believe that pot is wrong.

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