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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by signature, Dec 9, 2007.

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    Hey everyone, first off great site you peeps got here. I have read through the stickied post, and some others but I still had a couple of questions.

    Ok some info about me. I am about 5'10 and I weigh 197 lbs, got a little belly but I'm not really overweight. I cut down to smoking once a day about about 40 days ago, and in the past week I have only taken resin hits ( i doubt that's much better). I haven't smoked at all for 2 days. I may have a test in 10 days.

    Mainly I have 2 questions:

    1) I have heard fiber will get the "THC" (I know it's not really thc) to come out of your fat, so I have been taken supplements. Is this true?( i have been running to burn fat)

    2) What about the drinks from head shops that you drink the day of the test to "mask" the THC. Do they work, are some better than others?

    Thanks a lot in adive. I figure I'll use the top threads guide, but if the head shop drinks work i'll use that as well.
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    first of all.....EXERCISE and time are the fastest way to naturally clean your body of thc. As far as the fiber....I THINK you are right. I would suggest reading and practicing the dilution sticky to the letter. ALSO...I don't think the sticky mentions about adding a creatine supplement to your diet or eating red meat for 2 days prior to increase the creatine levels in your body. If they test the PH level you might want to eat a few rolaids with the dilution method AFTER you start voiding clear. Passing drug test with the dilution method is very possible but you almost need to get it down to a science. If you have time, order some test strips off EBAY (which will cost about $1.25 each with shipping. Practice the dilution method with test strips at home before the real deal. Don't be surprise if you go through many test strips until you see how long THC will stay in your body. EVERYONE'S body is different therefore all answers will vary.
  3. KNOTME66

    KNOTME66 Registered+ far as the drinks....most of what I have heard is that they are nothing but a line of crap to get your money. The drinks mainly want you to drink loads of water...which is what the dilution method has you to you will save lots of money over time going by the sticky.
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    Thanks for the info..

    One more question, would fasting help? The only reason I ask is if I were eating nothing, and exercising wouldn't that burn my fat for energy? Or would I be hurting mybody for nothing? Just a though, maybe someone here knows one way or the other...
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    signature. how long did it take to get the results from your past probation tests? i took one today and would like to know how the average time. i'm from nevada. thanks!
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    This will be my first one. I did get DWI for pot from a urine test (i wasn't high, I smoked the night before, got pulled over at 5pm the next day, and my piss was over 100X's the limit. Talk about a bunk scale)

    But they had me pee in a cup and they sent it to a lab, It took 3 monthes to get that back. I thought with probation they just used a dipstick, that's the same day. Here in Ohio if they send it to the lab they send it to a state lab, and it takes several months to get it back.
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    Fasting doesn't work. It tells your body to save fat not burn it. You're better off eating a high fiber diet or take some metamucil. And you don't want to exercise 2 or 3 days before the UA.
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    Thanks Killer, I'm glad you said that I haven't ate today. So fibers good huh? I've been taking supplements.

    I had heard not to exercise the day before, should I eat fatty foods as well? I have heard that "burries the fat" . Burries? that can't be how you spell it but I think you get what I am saying.
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    You're not going to bury the thc. High fiber helps because the thc is moved into your bowels and that is where it is reabsorbed and and sent through your urine. The high fiber helps keeping everything moving in your bowels so it doesn't get reabsorbed.
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    Did you know theres a shit load of fiber in hemp bread? Its like 15g for 2 slices. If you need fiber fast go get some :)

    Weed is great
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    hemp bread? wouldn't that contain thc tho? hmm.

    anyway, I passed my PROBY drug test. it's been about 2 weeks since i took it and believe you me, it was the worst and longest two weeks of my life. Lets see i'm about 6'0 160 lbs with a very high metabolism. I could eat mcDonalds everyday for a month and not gain a pound (literally!). i am an active person. i work out about 5 days a week and i drink a fair amount of water in my diet. I smoked on a thursday, friday and a saturday and took a urine test the following monday. I smoked about a gram a day on those 3 days and the only thing i did to clean my system out on those days was to workout on one day, drank water at a comfortable pace and to dilute my urine before my test. I drank about a gallon on the day of my test and took a multi -vitamin. thats it!

    don't waste your money on those drinks and just dilute your test. be sure to eat fish or steak for a few days prior to your test. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ^^ sounds like your beening watched. I have know lots and lots of pepole on probation and alot of times they told them they passed when they actualy didnt. Then they were watched over a longer period of time, and in the end it all came out. I watched one of my friends constaly saying they dont even know Im smokiing weed every day, and when his probation hearing came up his probation officer let it all out. It went somthing like, so and so is constantly up to no good he has failed every single random drug test and some scheduled drug test for marijuana. He constantly denies smoking marijuana or drinkin. --even though he stayed out of trouble did nuthing but stay home he had to go back to jail for like 6 months anfter beening on probation for close to 2 years. when he got out he had counseling, and mandatory meetings and he was already off probation. When on probation just stay clean or get outta town. Cause they like to fuk with people, they get bounes for it. I personaly use the synthetic piss, they might be able to tell its synthetic but its clean, and for a job thats all they care about.

    Oh and hemp has no THC 0%
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    i thought about that also, but i just had a probation hearing and everything is all well. I smoke everyweek and have a probation hearing every month. I have 2 more months of probation and i'm in the clear!!! juicy juicy!

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