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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by legalizeit450, Jul 22, 2008.

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    first thread ever~

    Well first of all i wanna say these boards have informed me a lot I've been reading them for a month now and just made a username so i can post too :]

    Im currently on probation and my next test will be on August 1st. The last time i smoked was a dimebag on july 14th, and i hadn't smoked for one week before that, but i had smoked for 2 months up untill that one week of being clean.

    So i will have been clean 2 weeks and 4 days before my drug test, but im still skeptical of passing. if i fail my test i will be arrested. I dont want to use detox because the last time i saw my PO, i tried to drink Natural Strip Cleanser (first time i tried to use it), but that stuff was so disgusting i puked before i could make it to my probation meeting. For whatever reason my PO felt trusting and decided not to test me that day, which i am very lucky for.

    Ive read the dilution tips and plan on following them, but Ive heard a lot of debate about niacin. I have 100mg tablets, and i know that taking too many is bad for you and will not make you piss clean, but my question is if i take them in regular doses 4-5 days before the test will it help to clean me out?

    Im 5'11, 150 pounds. Im not overweight by any means, but im not exactly an athlete so a considerable amount of my weight is probably body fat. I lift weights 1-3 times a week and I stopped drinking soda months back so ill i take in is water/juices/tea.

    any small advice to help pass? im thinking of buying creatine supplements from GNC?
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    Just follow the dillution sticky and substitute gatorade for water. The niacin sin't going to help.

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